Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Crazy Purps Awards Dress: Part 2


It's almost finished!

Today I added the sleeves, added the skirt lining and adjusted the bust (with some dodgy vertical darts) and fixed all the bodice lining to the actual dress. Oh and did the zippy! I only had a short zipper (second hand stash damn you!) so have accommodated it, and I'll show you that later.

But let's talk SLEEVES!

I wasn't sure of what to do yesterday, but I had a think away from the sewing room today (i.e in the lift at work) and thought how the box-y look was cute and that I could mirror the width of the sleeve cuff to match the waist band etc, so I cut two strips of fabric and lining, cut a rectangle minus one long side and turned it inside out and then attached the open side to the dress bodice as you'd usually attach a sleeve, but folding the ends over underneath.

I think it comes out kinda Japanese! And with this fabric it makes me think I'm going to move my bow...

I still have enough fabric and lining to make the bow and even though I've hemmed it quite short, I think it needs that extra ironic tizz, and I thought I'd make a belt sash, like a kimono style, but with a massive bow! I could attached it around the waist at the front or at the back.

That way it's a huge laugh at the awards night, but then I still have a nice dress to wear at other occasions (and then I don't have to wear an oversized bow to normal places!)... what do you think?

I also really love the neckline and sleeves now, so the thought of attaching a stupid bow and hiding my nice lining handiwork makes be cringe.

The only yuk bit is that I top stitched the waistband to incorporate the lining, and it kinda turned crafty on me... so if I create a belt to wrap around, that would hide the crafty bit. But maybe you don't think the waistband looks that bad? I think I'm very picky of my work!

YAY! Ok, so just googling some handstitching blind hem techniques now so I don't hem it in a geeky crafty way either!


  1. 1 vote yay on the giant bow!!!

  2. Yeah giant bow! Bias hem tape is good for hemming, hope you haven't done it yet, gives a professional finish, and makes it sit really well (bit of weight).

  3. gosh you're productive. Agree re the bias hem tape.

  4. Your dresses all look lovely! Have fun tonight!

  5. Woot..Woot...That dress turned out totally you looked fab in it...


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