Monday, 2 November 2009

Darlings, a lot is happening right now...

Where to begin?

I could say I'm busy, I guess. I could more likely be mysterious and say 'A lot is happening right now, but it's personal stuff, don't worry you'll find out soon, dear Reader'. I could try and pretend I've been lazy.

You know what? EVERYone's busy right now, and everyone had a personal life (unless you write everything online about yourself) away from crafting and blogging ... and everyone wishes they were too lazy but actually we're real people and we get tired and sometimes we can only just sit on the couch for 30 mins and take a breather!

Anyways, my point is that it's totally November, and my Frocktober Challenge is still going! I did promise myself a dress for every day of October, and I did manage to whip up a few quickly so the bulk of Frocktober has been made... I just need to finish a few 11 off...

But, without going into the gory personal life details (that take me away from the craft room and away from bloggyland) I spent the rest of October suchly: DRINKING, DANCING, TALKING, EATING, RELO CATCHING UPPING, COOKING, GOSSIPING, CONGRATULATING (BABIES AND ENGAGEMENTS AND WEDDINGS), NEW COMPUTING, CLEANING, SHOPPING (AT FRIEND'S HOUSES), TALKING, DRINKING, WORKING, WATCHING (FILMS, TVSHOWS), KNITTING and drinking. And talking. Yep, drinking and talking were the things I did the most. I did 3 and a half weeks without drinking, so very proud and treated myself to loads of drinking.

So phew! I've had a lot of fun and I've enjoyed seeing you, if that was you I spotted (in the bookstore, on the dancefloor, at the open house, at work, or at my house) and totally congrats to you if you're expecting a baby, or getting engaged or getting married. (And how does my MacBook make me look so pretty? I thought I was going through a fugly patch, obvs not!)

And here is me showing you my latest project, for Doggie Darling, a cushion full of scraps and overlocking threads so she can sleep peacefully.

It's a giant envelope, or rectangle, and I sewed it down the middle to create two big pillows, or pockets. I'm stuffing the two pockets with scraps as I've cleaned up my whole sewing room again, and then once it's puffy enough I'll sew up the long ends there, and make a cover for it. That way I can air this mattress and take off the cover if it all gets musty and dirty. This material is a total handmedown, may have been someone's tiki tie dye tablecloth. Not so good for my kinda frocks, but perfect for Doggie's mattress.


More adventures soon I promise!

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  1. Hi, sounds existing and slightly manic! take your time with me dress, no rush at all! it can be my christmas present to myself!


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