Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dining out for lunch on a hot date...

... with my dog.

She's big enough now for a bit of out and about learning without getting in a tiz! She's 9 months old now!

I tried to load a photo here but the free internetz is just a little slow, but we're out at a lovely cafe, she with water bowl, me with cuppa tea. And SHE JUST SAT DOWN, she's always excited about stuff, so for her to be sitting and chilling just a bit (she's checking out some goths from the goth shop across the road) is really amazing.

Anyways, I'm updating my etsy, slowly and just wanted to share this site:

More Cloth - a easy and colour way to shop for fabric on etsy! I'm thinking of sending this out when I do custom orders for custies, as it could be a good way to know what exact colour to make for people.

I found it via the Dust Team Forums... do you know there's a "street team" for most countries and if you sell on etsy you can sign up and be a member of the Down Under Street Team (aka DUST)? I'm not a serial pest there, as I have no extra time in my day, but if I did sewing full time I'd spend more time there, as heaps of people discuss what they're making and how they make it and how to do business better etc... so it's really very helpful if you're thinking of doing creating full time (not just sewing mind you) cause it's a little community for you to engage with.

I might bust a move now, the connection here is just way too slow (aren't I all lardy dah with my speedy access at home now?) and I want to investigate the op shops down the road. I have a "special project" in mind, and it involves a red dress. It might take me a few experiments to get it right, and it's for something pretty big. I want to make something very original too, so once I sketch it out (in my mind) I might report back.

WHOA secret squirrel til then.


Just loaded this photo back home:



  1. Sitting here, being really cold, it makes me a little bit jealous seeing you with your summer top and sunglasses :-D

    Can't wait to see the red-dress-project. I love red dresses. Really want to make one for me soon. And I look forward to see what you'll be creating!

  2. I know... the sewing machine is screaming from inside the cupboard...


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