Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dress Twenty Three: Candy Yellow

Another tshirt dress!

I told you I had a few ready to go!

It's a total stash fabric, and only a little bit leftover from a dress I made ages ago, but enough for this darling Frock!

The colours are cute! It was a light airy dress that I cut really short for some reason and I think I sold it on etsy... (I just had a retro look at my blog for this photo/post)... Yay here it is:

I think it was back when I did the 100 Outfit Challenge and it was one of the first 20 outfits I sewed up. I can't believe how much better I am at construction and everything now. I know fabrics a lot better too, thanks to the overlocker and trying out new things!



  1. Isn't that fun, the whole process of learning and developing skills? I love that!

  2. I just think you have done such a good job of your challenge, your dresses are super cute and you made a bloody tonne of them! I say bravo Miss Darling, keep up the good challenges, I got so *busy* with life that my lameo challenge kinda fizzled out in the end. But sewing is our hobby after all, not a chore and that's why it's so fun. I do have another challenge I'm think about thou...


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