Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Frock 25: Hot Ribs*

Oh hai, just busy old me again.

I was waiting for Husbie to get home from work before the Purple Partay tonight, and finished the last of the small run of tshirt dresses:

I was using this grey/cloud blue ribbed knit as the pattern (ie I cut the fabric using the tissue stuff (making my own alterations of shortening the bodice, cutting my own sleeves and scooping the neckline on both bodice pieces compared to the original Built By Wendy dress pattern) and then use this cut fabric as the pattern pieces for the rest of the other tshirt dresses I've made recently.

I find this way is easier and quicker, but as I've made my own fit adjustments and cut it the way I like, it's more my own design. And tissue can get a bit annoying.

But whilst this dress turned out okay:

Can you see what happens to rib material?

Puckering as well!

Have you every sewn with ribbed material before? I've never tried it, and so just went along as normal. It was at the neckline where I went 'Hang On!'.

At least the hemline looks normal (no hem, just the overlocker):

Anyways, still cute:

Oohh gotta go!

* I was thinking of a really LOL-tastic title for this post with a pun on ribs, as in the meat dish. I don't eat meat, can you tell from how lame my title has turned out?


  1. Darling, I love this color.

    The base for my mummy costume for halloween was a white stretch cotton ribbed material and it was a bit of pain to work with so I totally feel ya, somehow the fabric got caught on its self and clogged my machine for a bit.

    Your such an inspiration, I need to get off the computer and back on the sewing machine!

  2. This is why ribbed stretch fabric is my nemesis. It seems to always pucker, though since this dress will be rather fitted, the puckers will stretch out and no one will ever know!

  3. Ahh yes... this is when you need to start to play with your differential adjustment on your overlocker... if you tighten it up a bit the puckers shouldn't happen... you need to do it on a test piece of fabric before you do it on the garment to get the right differential setting just right... it can still go awry sometimes though!
    love the challenges!

  4. Just came across your blog via Kristy. Love your simple dresses. If you are interested in a tailoring/advanced sewing course early in the new year (evenings Lower North Shore) contact me via my blog.


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