Sunday, 8 November 2009

Frock 26: Summer's here!

So, I always love a challenge right guys? J-Mac is making 1 pattern but 5 different ways, using different material and I guess doing different things to them... so I've got 3 bits of fabric and 1 pattern (my old trusty fave) and I'm getting into finishing up my Frocktober Challenge and starting a new challenge at the same time! Thanks darling J-Mac for the idea. WOW (am I retardo or what?)

So the three pieces of material are all stash fabric, you've seen the pink flowers before and maybe the green stuff in a totally bad dress I tried a while back... but that grey 80s shizzle is a new (but vintage) find from the oppie a few weeks back. The 80s shizzle will be for me if my hair goes with it!

And number 1 finitos:

It's been a gloomy day here in my town, and this darling colour surely has brightened it up for me!

It's for Kat, a darling reader of this blog, and a very patient one too. I promised I'd make her this a few months back, but it's just in time for summer I guess!

I get excited about making clothes, but I've got to stop wanting to try new things out, and in the end it's Kat, who misses out because I have a short attention span with my garments.

DUR! It's the old 'grass is greener' in my brain, where I think it'll be fun to try new things and sometimes end up stuffing them up, and I should just try new fabrics and use some of my trusty patterns.

Anyways, with this one I tried for bias binding instead of the pesky facing, and it's so neat and easy. I was a little worried because of the square-ness of the neckline, but it turned out fantastic! Tres proud of myself!


  1. OMG! That turned out so so so cute! Thanks heaps. I love it!

  2. Very cute. But honey I feel so old when patterns I made as a teenager are back as retro fashion. I love the idea of five ways with the same pattern.

  3. oooh, that is super cute and your way of doing bias binding is so much better than my way, I'm going to have to find that link of yours again. xx

  4. Totally Darling. The gorgeous frills are fabulous.


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