Monday, 16 November 2009

Frock 28: Stretchy Stash & a DESIGN

Hey sweets,

Just happily made this darling frocko for Frocktober! Almost there! I also donated 50 bucks ($10 from all the dresses I sold and another ten bucks for darling Crafty Llama - but couldn't work out how to donate in your name til it was too late DUR ME) to the Frocktober Peeps, and I think you can still get in there too if you fancy (or aren't going crazy for Movember!)!

And my film strips of the stretch knit new dress:

What I'm MOST proud of here is that I totes designed it myself! I had been using some Built By Wendy suggestions for stretch knit fabric, and as I've said before I'd cut one using her pattern piece, but the use the fabric pieces I'd cut to alter the sleeves (making them cap) or lowering the neckline etc etc etc.

So I thought it best that I create my own pieces and learn a bit about drafting for knits! Yay!

Hee hee! I'm totally just making it up as I go! The material I've used was just from my stash, it's ribbed and had a few dirty marks on it, as it was from the op shop, but I just cut around or sewed over them with the overlocker. As I've done with my knitting recently (and learnt to sew really) my mantra is to just give it a go, and follow the instructions. If you're using stash or opshopped fabric/wool you can't go wrong, it only costs a few bucks!


  1. That fabric is really cool. I really want to learn how to draft my own patterns. I am asking for a book for Christmas called DIY Clothing by Cal Patch which is meant to be really good to learn from.

  2. This is definitely my favourite dress so far. I love the fabric and the cut - it looks like it fits you perfectly. Well done!
    Thank you so much for the donation, no matter about not having it go straight to my registration. It brings my fundraising total up to $450, so thank you very much!

  3. LOVE it! I agree my craftyllama, my favourite so far

  4. Your summer dress collection is fabulous. My daughter wants to know where this fabric comes from. Can you share?

  5. That's an awesome dress (love the film strip too). I stumbled across this website about drafting patterns that you might be interested in I haven't read it all but from what I can see it looks pretty helpful. Nice work!


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