Sunday, 29 November 2009

Frock 30: My purps awards dress complete!

Check out my majorly oversized bow for my awards dress:

This is probably the best shot of the purple fabric, but later in the night (with loads of great drunkie faces) it still looked good, as the purple bits had metallic threads through it that caught the light. Very nice!

When I sat down the skirt was really mini, and the bow sort of draped over it! I was very happy with it, and how cute are my friends? You know my red dress of course, but my friend's ultramarine dress is actually by Marc Jacobs, not me! Hee hee! Great colours though!

So my party season has officially begun after this awards night. We had another farewell fun party on Friday (just wore a fun vintage frock to that one) and then yesterday we went to a wedding and luckily I wasn't that hungover from my 2 nights of parties so I made a gorgeous floral dress that I'll tell you about later today. My husbie took photos at the wedding so I'll go through those later.

We're going to the beach today with Doggie Darling and a friend, and hopefully it's a proper dog beach that I've finally found! I'm looking forward to reading the paper and lying around with loads of suncream on.

Hope your weekend is fun!


  1. You guys look fab :D well done you on making those 2 dresses! You must feel very proud of yourself!!

  2. Are you with that Hardy girl? I saw her wearing that dress and hat at the Arias. She looked cute but quirky. You look devine!

  3. That huge bow is wicked! I love how your dress turned out. It looks gorgeous on you!

  4. *Applause* Both dresses look fantastic.

  5. This is awesome! I so can't sew clothes but I appreciated watching you along the way, thanks for sharing al the steps.

  6. Great dresses! Also, your legs look fantastic!


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