Monday, 30 November 2009

Frock 31: Yay for floral for Frocktober

Hey there,

Just updating you that finally "PHEW", I completed my month of making a dress a day for Frocktober. Darlings, you see here I did make a dress for every day of October. But I didn't really have the time to make it *within* the month of October... so here is the 31st dress!


I'm trying the new blogger post layout thingie too, so please forgive me if I've got crazy with the image size etc, just testing! Beta darlings beta!

This dress was for the wedding on Saturday, it was ace, a beautiful darling wedding. Great friends and great foods and great wine and really ace conversation with everyone. I loved it. Totally my speed of wedding. I felt really happy to be there!

I woke up with an insy winsy hangover, from 2 other parties as you know, but was determined to wear something new! I've made this a few times before (floral green, a refashion, and another awards night dress) and it's always a bit different. As you know Sydney-siders it was quite hot on Saturday, so I knew I wanted it sleeveless. But I let Husbie choose the fabric, and I would never have picked this to work. He loves orange, so I can see why he liked it, but it was totes see through. It was perfect for the weather, but I had to line it. WHICH my darlings, wasn't that hard! Yay!

LUCKILY during my last trip to the op shop, the dreamboat shop assistant gave me all this white light material for lining as a bonus cause I bought so much other fabric. She said 'You should do lining', and I was like 'Oh Ok'... and totally didn't plan on using it. LUCKY! It's really nice light white with stripes, so feels quite nice on and I didn't get too sweaty-betty.

I put an orange button on just for my Husbie too:

It's my new technique instead of using metal closures on the top of zippies. Usually you can just get away with the zip (and most modern things don't use clasps etc) but I wanna use up all those stash buttons (in the 1000s and 1000s darlings) instead of buy more clasps. Reusing stuff is so much better, especially lost buttons.

Recently I have a few requests from friends for frocks, so I think I might start on a gallon of Christmas style fun party dresses. I love this style, so perhaps I'll tweak this and make some variations on it with some other stash fabric as it was maybe 3 hours to finish off... that's good!

Hope you all had a good weekend too, and thank you for your great comments on my fun bright party dresses from last week! Yay!



  1. Even though you wouldn't have picked this fabric yourself, I think you look lovely in it. And the orange button is a nice little touch! I have to say your friends are very lucky, having you sewing all kinds of dresses as gifts for them! :-)

  2. I can't believe you made a dress a day. I wouldn't have the stamina! I need summer dresses so badly - a few moo moos for the heat.

  3. Very nice! I think that fabric is really nice. And the button above the zipper is a very nice touch.

  4. Really pretty dress! Love the delicate floral print, the whole garment is so fresh and summery.

  5. I love this dress, it's perfect! The style really suits you, and the fabric is so sweet. The orange button gives you bonus sweetness points too. Lovely lovely.

  6. sigh.... i wish it was warm enough over here to wear that dress today! xx

  7. Loved this dress on SewRetro! Dressing in Australia is tough isn't it...sigh! I really dig on the idea of making things from pre-used fabric, or secondhand fabric - secondhand anything really! We live in a culture in which we buy too much and throw away too much. There is such beauty and so many stories in pre-loved stuff!

  8. It's super lovely! Am very jealous of your dress-making capabilities!


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