Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Frocko Twenty Four: Purps!

Frocktober is still going in my sewing room, and here's Number 24, another simple tshirt dress but in thrifted sweater material:

It's the kinda gym material that you'd imagine they'd be dancing around in during the film Fame (original darlings) and all I need is some off shoulder floppiness with this one BUT of course I do things normal and straightforward on the old machine. I like to follow my own rules and as I've said before these dresses take only half an hour to make (once you've cut them out) so I don't really improvise at all.

(Unlike my daring and rockin' out dancing I'd be doing now if I was in Fame of course.)

I've got a midweek party on tonight, and the partyperson loves purple, so this one should be great.

Don't know about you, but for me it's that time of year where I'm anticipating, planning and focusing on good results for the next few weeks that I'm finding it hard to be in the 'now'. My work is gearing up for a big 'hurrah' which climaxes on Dec 4th (day before Husbie's birthday) so it's 4 and a half weeks of busy city times ahead. What really helps is having sewing as a hobby, but having Doggie Darling too. She's so good to be 'in the moment' with, where we can play a quick game (she's totes into fetch and tuggy now, so that's good!) and just focus on the 'now'.

ANNNNNNNNYYYYYYWAYS, hope you're having a good Wednesday and not planning your life away too quickly. xoxo

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  1. Super cute!! Hope you don't wear yourself out :) I always hated busy times in the office xoxo


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