Monday, 16 November 2009

Fruity Frippery for your baby head

Phew! It's a hot one today! I just got home and poor little Doggie Darling was underneath our bikes in the backyard, so obviously the coolest part of the house. She's not really understanding the heat that much and forgets that water is really good and cools you down. She drinks for about 15 minutes and then doesn't drink anything for the rest of the day!

Anyways this is the darling little beanie I made over the weekend!

There are so many babies around, so I'm going crazy for them. I joined Raverly recently and saw this pattern for free up online! How cute is the little leafy bit of the tomato. Gosh it was tricky at times, but I've decided I must be a natural knitter because this was the first time I did circular knitting!

The hat was too small for a needle connected to the wire thing, so I looked up on my fave 'How To' page to find out how to use those double pointed needles and voila voila voila. I also have never done a cord thing before (the tip bit of the stem) and I'm not too pleased with that, but hey! You don't see the inside of it! How cute is Doggie Darling:

Oh, and this was all stash wool, the red wool I think was second hand. Very proud!

Also, if the sun goes away I'm going to take more fashion photos!

There was just enough light yesterday to take this yesterday, but I'm waiting for more cloud cover today to take the rest of them. I need to restock my etsy!

That's my banana tree in the background! It's grown so much this year!


  1. Oh my gosh that is insanely cute!! You're really making me wish I knew how to knit...

  2. Gush! That hat and that wee nose!

  3. That hat is so so cute! I have seen ones that are strawberries and they are super cute too! I think there is also a pattern on ravelry for a cupcake hat. You are learning really quickly with your knitting. It took me ages to tackle circular needles and double pointed. I still hate using double pointed.


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