Thursday, 5 November 2009

Home is whenever I am with you

Now darlings, I can knit ok, I can knit and purl, and do the cute little stocking stitch thing (especially for my street poles around my town) but whilst I've attempted a few baby shizzle over the past few months, I just haven't completed anything. It's just SO slow, or I'M slow...

Yesterday I visited Tamara at 1/4 of an inch and I gushed over her work and she said to me "Continental Knitting is sooooo much easier"... and I was like 'Er? There are different knitting styles? WTF!' it was like my head exploded... I was thinking please oh please let my way be the slow way so that I can speed knit all my darling baby items before those babies are 5 years old...

And lovely Tamara pointed out that she likes using the Knitting Help website, and OMFG there IS a faster way to knit that what my little hands can do now. And it's really weird!

So firstly I watched all the beginner's vids, the cast on one was the easiest I've ever seen (I have a 1969 book on how to do those tail cast on things and it was messy) and I can do that now... and the knit and purl continental styles look really good too, and I can do them in slow mo, but it's a far more direct way to knit.

I was holding the tail in my right hand and loopy-looping it around for my knit and purl, but cause you hold your tail in your left hand, and kinda tight and scrunched up it's more active and direct (if that makes sense darlings!)... like your right hand and left fingers push and poke things in the right place so it is quicker (or will be when I get my shizz together)!

But I feel really un-co! It's going to talk a while to get it right!


And my post title today? I'm home in bed knitting on my gloomy day and I'm totes in love with this band at the moment! Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

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