Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mrs Tailor at (hobby) work...

Hey darlings,

Just a quick post today as I've got to dash out for tea with my work pals.

Everyone's putting their orders in at the moment, and I just hemmed up my taxi driver's work shirts! See:

You know how I have to get to work so freaking early? Well we get a cab charge at my job and I kinda avoided catching cabs cause I'd either NOT feel like talking, or feel weird that time of the morning with a cabbie, then the cabs just never turned up for a while and my Husbie got annoyed with them too! I gave up and just usually drove to work myself.

BUT, Husbie had the car away from home for a week recently and so I called the cab company and after a day or two got THE BEST taxi man in Sydney (I'd had him a few times, but he was all booked out with regular bookings... daily early morning workers like me) but he'd had a person change jobs recently and so now I'm in the roster. I'm officially the VIP passenger of the best taxi man in Syds.

Yippee! And he asked me to do some tailoring for him so hobby money for me! Yay! I've got a few dresses and a couple of skirts for the girls at work to finish off tomorrow, so just call me Mrs Tailor!



  1. Love your knit dress down below that you posted on Sew Retro.

  2. You're totally awesome! I love your posts! :) (having a bit of a chuckle here....) Really glad to hear you got the bestest taxi driver in Sydney. :)


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