Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Need a new style?

All my blogging BFFs are having giveaways of some sort at the moment!

Franca at Oranges & Apples has a very different sounding giveaway, where you drop your name on her list and tell her a bit about your style and then she'll SHOP FOR YOU! AKA she'll be your stylist. What a GREAT idea! And kinda like a mystery lucky dip prize!

I always love patterns, and fabric, and haberdash stuffs, so as I know Franca op shops a lot, I'll request my style through these things! If you're feeling lucky and in need of a revamp to your wardrobe (in a thrifty and considerately creative way) go talk to Franca for this giveaway!

I'm in bed right now (on my darling portably computer commonly known as a laptop) as we all had horrid sleeps last night cause of the hot weather, cause of the fan, cause of the mosquito. Poor Doggie Darling hadn't ever lived through a hot day like that in her short life, so she didn't quite know what to do... I kept on trying to get her to sleep on the concrete floors, but she just couldn't sit still so kept getting overheated. Little love.

We're going to take a nanna nap, and then maybe do a little light sewing for the afternoon.

Hope you're well!

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