Sunday, 8 November 2009

One last memory before my sewing date...

Here's another little photo of my brother and I:

Matching woolies! Mum will probably know, but I'm not sure who made them for us, hopefully Mum! I can't believe how funny my brother is! He's so cute and little! He's such a man man now, as he's 29 years old and just got engaged!

I loved flicking through my photos, and especially this one above, shows how many handmade clothes we had. I have a feeling that my kidlets (of the future) will be photographed exactly the same as my brother and I here. I just have to practice more baby clothes, cause my proportions are a little weird for tshirts at the moment, but I've got a bit of time as our babies won't appear for a couple more years!

Yesterday I went to the Remnants Warehouse and got some stuff (fabric in the washing machine now) and have a plan to sew and sew and sew ALL day. I'll take Doggie Darling for a walk now, and then head right into my darling sewing room.


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