Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pausing and Reflecting

Some snap shots of things that I'm chucking up into my Veronica Darling etsy store! It's a day of pausing and reflecting for me. You know when you hear yourself repeat little tags or pep talk things, to "Pause and Reflect" is one of my sayings at work. It comes out every now and again in busy times. Or what about "Creating a conversation"? I think I used that one today in an email. Why didn't I just write "let's talk"? It has to be jargonised and 'creating' sounds like I'm being bright and creative.


A few things I paused and reflected on today:

Why everyone at work was asking me about Wordpress and what I thought about blogging. Does this mean I should change my junky page? Should I start over at wordpress?

All the clock noises through hack today. It was about your biological clock and all the ticking made me Pause and Reflect on when to have a baby. I'm 31 now. I'm very short. I think I'm 22. I would look weird having a baby. Like a 12 year old who is pregnant. I still have baby teeth, how can I have a baby?

How my Husbie has nice relatives and how I accidently called them when I set up skype on my new computer and they were really sweet.

I can't believe I can love a dog so much. She is just so cute and friendly and funny and soft and cute and pretty and little and sleepy (at the moment) and crazy (earlier).

Hope Tuesday was darling for you, best wishes to you if you need a little weekend already. xoxo


  1. Have a baby! You can grow up together - and we can admire the baby clothes you start pumping out.

    On a different note -did you know pets trigger oxytocin in the brain? That's why we're all a bit silly about our dogs.

    Not sure why I mention this. Just creating a conversation, I guess.

  2. Hey there. Wordpress would be a step up. Wordpress.com offers a hosted service - similar to blogger. It's very cool and easy to use.

    To get really fancy and shiny you could self host - get some web hosting space, buy a real URL (veronicadarling.com.au perhaps), install wordpress, and away you go. This gives you the ultimate control, you can do what you want, install themes and plugins to your hearts content, incorporate your blog with more standard webby stuff, have veronicadarling.com.au email addresses. Lots of cool possibilities, but a bit of time, money, and effort. The setup might be a bit techy but once you are up and going it would be as easy as blogger is now.

    It is actually possible to export your existing blog (on blogger) into your new blog on wordpress. All your posts, comments, and images should come across, and it should be pretty easy.

  3. Hey if you're not busy on Thursday night come along to the Once Upon opening. It is in Waterloo, at Ambush Gallery.

    This website has the deets: http://once-upon.com.au and maybe I will see you there!

    Ps. I have the same body clock things going on. Does your Mum have sads about it? Mine does sometimes. I just wish my brother and sister would hurry up and take the pressure off!

  4. I have Wordpress and while I think it can look a lot sleeker, it's a bit fiddly to work out when you make the jump from Blogger.

    Also, 31--I would never have guessed it. 31 is still young but you look much younger!


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