Thursday, 19 November 2009

A pillow case close to my heart

I can't really say much, because I'm close to tears with love! But I finished my scraps pillow, which was some weird stash fabric sewn into a rectangle and I just collected up all my overlocker mess bits, threads and spare triangles of fabric (there's always triangles!) and stuffed them in there with some couch foam we found on the street:

ARGH too cute!

Stash fabric is some weird hippie tie dye stuff, I think a throw or something... contents of course is all those from the messy overlocker and things that are way too small to do anything with... AND the darling cover material is a giant pillowslip of IKEA fabric (I'm sure you've all seen it before!) that's really tough, and the buttons are all stash buttons but without partners so perfect for a mismatch Dog Bed.

Love it!


  1. Man, that's just the sweetest little dog. I'd be making her pillows too! Looks like wee Doggie Darling approves of her new diggs :)
    I've been using my scraps to fill my draft snakes, very eco-friendly I say - well done!

  2. Your puppy is so cute, I wish I could reach through my monitor and smooch her! Great dog bed, I'm inspired to make one for my Kona for Christmas!

  3. I saw your post over at Wardrobe Refashion and had to stop by. My poor dog has developed a bit of arthritis and just can't seem to get comfortable these days. I'm going to "borrow" your idea and make a soft new bed for her and hope it helps out as the weather is getting colder around here. Thanks. :-)

  4. This is adorable and so is your puppy! NOW I know what to do with all my weird leftover bits of scrap.

  5. Great idea for your scraps. Now I don't have a cute doggie like you, but I guess some human cuties around this house would love to play on pillows like that too ;-)

  6. Love the heart material! Your dog is so damn cute I want to fly to Sydney and steal her. The third photo from the bottom is just too cute!

  7. now Baxter wants one.... arcghhh!

  8. Your dog looks so happy! (The pillows are pretty cute, too.)


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