Friday, 6 November 2009

Scan STAT!

My darling Husbie's friend has loaned us his scanner, as they're investigating a photography idea etc etc etc... but of course my g'friend and I hijacked it this afternoon for our nostaligic kick and scanned a bunch of 'Sentimental Journey' type pics in!

This is me and my younger brother, we're obviously filling up the water bowl for our darling little duckling to drink from. His/Her name is Puddleduck, according to my mum, and what a dearheart little duckling she/he is!

I love the colours of these photos in the scan, and I adore my brother's hair. You can tell I'm the bossier older sister right?

This weekend my Husbie is away and I'm going to be on sewing control... and I may even go to a real life fabric store in Surry Hills and stock the hell up on knit fabrics!!!

Talk soon, Veronica!


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