Sunday, 29 November 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Credit where credit is due... so the awards go to...

For "best notes on how to make a STRETCHY 3 column blog template" (after deleting my old one whilst fiddling around today, but my old one wasn't stretchy anyways) the award goes to ... Compender! Thank you sir!

And for the best notes on removing borders on my images... the winner is ... Blog U! Yay winnahz!

And then I realised my heading still had a border and I hate that shizz, so I googled again... and the winner is Sneaky Momma!

Yippee. Now I can relax for a bit (Husbie's helping me with a new banner right now) cause I wanted to clear my page up a bit. Not sure about you, but I tend to look at my page a LOT, I like using my links and viewing my blog list, and using the front end (as opposed to google reader or whatever) so it was time for a change. I still like 3 columns, so sorry if you don't! As I went stretchy instead of normal, I'll be able to post larger photos here and I think that will work better within the text. Blah Blah Blah! I'm no designer!

How funny is my dog today:

We went down to somewhere in the Sutherland Shire. Yep, and it was FUNNY! It was kinda the only dog beach and it was really fun for the dogs to splash around. Our doggie darling even did doggie paddling quite well (her first time!) xoxo


  1. I love all the tutes you can find to customize your blog just with a little bit of gooling. That is how I adjusted mine. I like the three columns look.

  2. I'm the same with the links, I use my blog list not my google reader. also I like the new layout!

  3. well lookie here where your handmade goodies keep popping up onine!


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