Sunday, 22 November 2009

That's why it's called a sweat shop right?


We're in the sewing room today, and it's still HOT and it's a total sweat shop sauna in here. Don't have time to go outside to see if it really is that 41 degrees Celsius as predicted or if it's because I have the iron on really really hot cause I'm sewing a storm.

I've got 2 of the red dresses on the go, from a gabardine type material and some other stiff shiny red drill. They're for my friend to try out and if she likes them she might WEAR IT ON TV. Not getting too excited, because whilst that would be just fabulous for me, my friend doesn't really like being on TV. So it's all like, whatever honey, low key and just normal expectations around here.

So far the dresses are like this one, but red, and I'm making different 'sleeves' for them... A round subtle cap sleeve and an art deco-esque layered sleeve... that I'm attaching now to the bodice sleeve. FINGERS FREAKING CROSSED THEY WORK.

Doggie is still hot, but asleep on the fabric remnants now.

Thankfully she stopped wanting cuddles (way too hot dude) and has stopped sniffing around.

Talk soon darlings...


  1. Jeez grrl, I'm sitting under the air con with a pancake puddle of a dog right net to me. You are KEEN!

  2. Keep it up!! You can do it! I can not get enough pictures of you darling doggie, Baby T just learned the word doggie so when she looked at your blog she screamed with delight and ran around saying doggie for a while :)

  3. i cannot bring myself to sew today for similar reasons.. its to friggin hot!!! My poor dog in that fur...

  4. I've been ducking in and out of pool between handstitching the formal dress. My brain is fried and I stuffed up the zip. Cool change coming, will unpick then.


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