Monday, 23 November 2009

Two weeks left of my day job...

My day job, as I've mentioned before, is funny, fast, early mornings, and full of fun colleagues who are more of the BFF variety than just office pals. I'm very lucky to work with them every day. I talk a LOT and sometimes I laugh so much that my ear starts hurting and then my head pops off from laughing too much! Very lucky gal!

There's 2 more weeks or so left of our 2009, so we're all having a great time, it's like school muck up day every day and there's the real feeling exams are over! Phew! BUT it's pretty sad at the same time. AND I'm making some dresses at the moment for the industry's awards night and it's all very exciting for us gals in the office cause we get to get tizzed up in OUR way... Doggie Darling is helping me go through the patterns today for MY PURPLE DRESS!

I haven't got a good photo of the material yet, but it's purple black and I have these terribly high op shop heels to go with it. I just need to settle on the style:

I'm leaning toward the Vogue Yves Saint Laruent black dress at the moment, it's a fitted bodice, a waist (with belt area) and skirt that I can crop short. And whilst it's got this 'bias attached collar' and sleeves, I'll ditch the sleeves and play around with that crazy collar to get it right. I'm thinking a big fuckoff bow, or something shoulder-ish that seems in fash now. This is all hoping that I have extra material, cause I think I have just over 2 metres, so for a short arse like me that's enough for a dress... but not sure on the 'accessory' collar thing! I chose these two patterns because they need lining, and I've got heaps of op shopped purple lining to use for it, so it should all be cool!

Just a quick question though, how does one usually choose lining? Are their rules on this type of thing? I've chosen this purple shiny stuff because it was in my stash, and I noticed that it keeps changing colours because of the sun, so I better use it soon. That's probably not the ideal reason of choosing a lining fabric. It is shiny and makes a noise... that's kinda like lining too right?

Nonetheless, I'll also make it pretty short and mini in the skirt, because it is the music industry night of nights after all. So a little leg won't hurt anybody.

Talk soon, and hopefully with photos of this crazy fabric. I am worried it may not be ironic enough, but we'll see!


  1. This project sounds awesome, can't wait to see the result! I think you'll have easily enough fabric for the dress and the crazy bow detail if you are making it short and omitting the sleeves. Sounds like the lining is perfect. I think the main thing about choosing lining is that it matches the colour of your main fabric pretty closely in case it peeks out here or there, sounds like you've got that covered. Seeing as you have heaps of this lining, why don't you use it to experiment getting the bow perfect before cutting up your limited main fabric? Good luck with it!

  2. Is the lining fabric stiff or soft? I usually try to go for a lining that will have some give to it, unless I'm looking for structure.

    You could always do a different contrast fabric for the bow if you run out of your main material!

  3. My hot tip on linings is to use a light silk if it's in the budget, or light cotton voile. Standard lining fabrics can be hot and sticky due to the nasty polyester content! If you need a bit more give (eg in a super tight wiggle dress) The Remnant Warehouse has a cotton poplin with stretch that does wonders. Loved your art deco sleeves in the previous post - fabulous!

  4. I use whatever I want for lining to be honest, and I line a lot of things. Mostly I choose an acetate silky crap I get for a buck a yard that matches the main fabric, or one of the accent colors since I take issues to my lining costing as much as the dress does. I am notoriously cheap, tho, so that advice may not help you much. Does it make a difference? Yes, a better quality lining that is softer and has a better hand always performs better in the garment. Not to say the stiffer stuff doesn't have a purpose, I use it for wiggle skirts, and usually make them to fit instead of too small, and it gives the illusion of too tight without the fitting issues.

    The body and drape of the garment does have some part to the choice of linings as was mentioned.

    Sounds like shiny and crackly is some sort of taffeta which will give structure to the dress but is perfectly acceptable for lining.


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