Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Best of 2009 - Top Ten (part one)

Hey darlings, hope you and your families had a lovely Christmas! We just got back from Queensland yesterday with a stopover in Port Mac, so happy to be home. Husbie and I saw Avatar today, so we're a little bit googly from the 3D-ness of it all, but it was really great and I'm happy it wasn't shithouse after all the hype.


I've seen a few 'best of' lists around the webz at the moment, so thought I'd put together my top ten creations of 2009, all made by Veronica Darling of course! I'm just going through my archives now to find you my personal faves of 2009!

Ten - The Man Shirt

Husbie wearing the Man Shirt in brown leaves sheet fabric. I made 2 more of these after this one, and still would like to make some more for him and the boys in the office. As I've got Veronica Darling for girls, Baby Darling, or Veronica Baby for babies, we think Veronica Bastard for the boys, it's gotta be a tough name for them (according to the boys at work) and Veronica Bastard takes it out!

Nine - Tablecloth Wiggle Dress

I made this wiggle dress for a fashion parade about refashioning for the Wardrobe Refashionista Nikki Shell and I'm so proud of the matching up of the floral bits at the front. One thing I've fully learnt this year was that front pieces are often cut on the fold of the fabric, and if one lines up these pieces correctly, then the pattern of the fabric is pretty much going to work out the same. This dress had no darts (vertical) at the front, only some side gathers on the skirt piece and side (horizontal) bust darts, so it luckily turned out great. I really love when you 'get' patterns and 'get' fabric. LOVE IT

Eight - For the Wagga Races

This dress is 'Danielle' from Burda Style, it's a free dowloadable pattern, and I made it for my soon-to-be Sister in Law (she gets sentence case because she's newly engaged to my brother) to wear to the races in Wagga. It was a little big around the middle, and I think she wore a belt anyways. I'm REALLY proud of the neckline, because I posted it to burdastyle and ralarkins left this feel good comment:

"Very nice, indeed! I am impressed that you seem to know how to properly press a garment during construction. No pun intended :) The inside corner at the neck lies smooth and flat with no puckers or odd bumps. Nice job on the clip/grading with the scissors and iron. Wish every garment I see would have that detail. Sigh."

I love feedback so detailed! I did really try hard to make the neckline beautiful, and now I felt like I got an A + for my homework!

Seven - for my BFF

I wanted something ultra feminine in style for this light but kinda manly wood type material, so the princess-ness of this dress was just a perfect balance. There's a lovely close up of the fabric on this post back in May, and my darling BFF bought this one from my etsy store so I'll get to see it around again!

Six - for a Garden Party

And my favourite dress for me!

I wore this to my friends' darling wedding in March, and just loved it! It's the same style as the tablecloth one above but more tailored for me, and it's stretchy cotton that my motherinlaw found for me at the op shop (of course!). It's really tight, but sucks you in at the same time!

Well, I'll post the Top Five tomorrow, so you won't have too many photos to look through, and I'm off for more unpacking and tidying up the place. I have SO many zippers from the op shops of Queensland so I might have to get a few happy snaps of them too!

See you!


  1. Wow you've made some cool dresses this year. I don't think I fully appreciated the effort in the tablecloth dress when you first posted it!

  2. I love no.9 and no.6. They are both gorgeous! But all your clothes you make are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the next half of the top 5.

  3. Okay so I am totally jealous! I love green and dress number six is just FABULOUS!!! Everything about it is wonderful. I am a faithful lover of everything you sew, you have an amazing eye for style. Keep up the great work and happy sewing in 2010! I look foward to seeing what you will whip up this year!

  4. What a great idea! You've had a huge sewing year :) Your wiggle dress from tablecloth is still my very favourite of all of your creations (you know I originally found you through WR when you posted it!) xoxo

  5. Wonderful creations! We are so glad you were able to use our Danielle pattern to create something extra-beautiful.


    The BurdaStyle Team


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