Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best of 2009 - Top Ten (part TWO)

Hi again!

I'm just pausing from cooking my stuffed mushrooms for tonight's festivities to write you a little note, and reflect on this past year's creations from my darling sewing room.

Thanks for your beautiful comments from yesterday's post! You guys are the best! And so, here's the rest of the best!

Five - Cutie to bootie sheet dress

I got the pattern from an op shop in Wagga (where my brother used to live, he's just relocated to Townsville!) and just knew it'd be the cutest ever! I made this one from a bedsheet (and you probably can remember my hilarious photo shoot) and cut it really short (have to wear shorts underneath in summer ladies!) and I just wore it the other day over the holidays, so it still washes up great.

It's also a variation of this darling charcoal dress for Franca, and this bursting pink one for Kat and these couple of dresses (one of which my darling friend Kizza took as well - the yellow one) so it's a really dreamy style of dress!

Four - 24/7 Challenge - that's right!

I made something every day in July, a nice wintery challenge to get my sewing mad skillz on board, and it really worked! I'd thoroughly recommend it! Have a look at what I made through the month:

And click through the archive of July to see more, but seriously, a challenge like this is totally unreal if you're kinda good/kinda rusty at sewing. Sewing something everyday DOES require a bit of forward planning (hence all those easy skirts!) but is really is so rewarding to see all the work you do over the month. I'll totally do this again, and winter time is the time to do it (as my Frocktober Challenge in October got a little out of hand, and it took an extra month to finish off all those dresses!). DO IT!

Three - The Famous T Shirt Dress

I made SO many dresses in this style, after totally mastering the knitted dream, the OVERLOCKER. I feel so happy to finally 'get' this kinda sewing, and I tell you now, it's totally not as tricky as you think! Now that I overlock, I can't believe I avoided it for so long (my friend told me I'd think this too!) because the extra things you can make are endless, and these tshirt dresses prove it! Yay!

I'm kinda rushing because the mushrooms are done, the lippy is on and I'm looking kinda 70s at the moment, without the big hoop earrings though (don't have them pierced!) so I'll have to post the last few 'Best Of' creations later tonight! (Yes, we're daggy and watching the kids fireworks!)

Talk soon, Veronica Darling

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  1. of course I love no.5! I wear mine so so so much. Cutest dress ever!


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