Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Bigger Picture

Here's my bits and pieces from this morning! I've lazed a bit on my holiday, but today realised there was stuff to do for The Bigger Picture. My Husbie and I have things on the go, for The Bigger Picture, and today it was bank stuff. Forms to sign, witnesses to call on, and now off to the post office (with some fun things too for friends!) and a play in the park with Doggie Darling.

You can totally tell what I'm making for my fairy godson right? It's so funny because I kinda thought these toys would be made all in one go, not stitched separately! Making things is always a surprise!

I also realised today, as I made a quickly Christmas Card for a friend, that I'm not really organised for Christmas. And perhaps I should make up some cards for people. Last year I made some really good ones, but not sure at all what to make this year. I pulled out our big stationary drawer and found all the old books that Doggie Darling chewed up when she was littler (she's a teenager now, just sleeps all the time) so it'd be good to use up some of those novels is a scrapbooky Christmasy kinda way.

I don't know! Better rush to the express post now!

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  1. Fantastic work also as your photos are saying your busyness. I was eager to see you work after watching your photos. Very hard worker and seems to be a very bold woman...

    dsi r4


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