Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho from Doggie Darling

Oh dear.

Have I got cabin fever? (I am in a holiday house with my parents, my brother and his fiancee and THREE dogs - please don't tell anyone!)


Have I gone cuckoo for Christmas.


I followed these gorgeously simple instructions, and shortened it just a bit and only did one row of white fluffy stuff (because I couldn't see the actual crochet stitches things with all that fluff). BUT my darling mother, who reads my blog here a little bit too religiously than I realised, helped me with the pom pom. CUTE but dead tired. All the dogs are! They are all under 2 years old, so they initially played all day on the first day... but now... they just sleep.

As I live in a different area to my parents, I don't see them face to face that often, so I save up heaps of stories that I can tell them (I love an audience AND love to pull elaborate facial expressions). But as I like to show off clothes as well (with amazing tales of adventure, as I'm sure you'll recall from this Accidently Granny Pink story) I put the pink dress on today and started to tell Mum and she was like, 'Oh I know. But didn't it turn out great'. SUGAR!

It's funny that sometimes I forget I tell you these stories! Completely daggy sewing stories of my life, but thank YOU for reading them and being a part of my year! Hee Hee!

Hope you're surviving the festive season, family holidays and everything! I'm about to open a bottle of wine and have a quiet glass before everyone arrives back home! YAY



  1. glass of wine with doggy darling in the peace and quiet sounds grouse! That pom pom hat is mega cool. I wish I knew how to crochet, I'd make the kibster one, but alas, she will have to contend with giant catepillar like torso warmers. he he he. (scarf sewn together in the middle). Actually I buy all her clothes - much more dignified! Hope you have the bestest time Veronica! and the bestest new year - lots of exciting creations and adventures. :) he he. xo

  2. oh doggy darling is so just precious! Love the little hat.

  3. Merry Christmas - That hat is so cute. Looks like a lazy little Santas helper though LOL... Enjoy your wine..cheers chicky.

  4. happy holidays! Doggy n hats are so cute... I think the granny pink dress came out so cute! That happens to me during crafting I have a great idea but I have to tussle with it but in the end it turns out fine =D

  5. Oh that's so adorable!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!! (I'm attempting to make a pavlova, pray it doesn't flop!!) xoxo

  6. loving these images, they are getting me in the mood! i'm into lots of sparkly trees this year, from outside to inside, little to big, all about the christmas trees this year. :)

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