Monday, 7 December 2009

Hooked on a Feeling!

Hi! Big news!

You know how I couldn't crochet last week? And have often said how much of a mindfuck crochet was in the past? A little holiday like today (and some relaxing over the weekend) has produced this!

Thank you for all your help, if you left me a comment, I came across Hooks and Needles, and Alicia's Easy Easy Easy (my words) Amigurumi Tutorial! Yay! Got the hang of chains and stuff, and THE best 'how to' for ring things, that are really easy to help you start the amigurumi. Then I followed the next Tutorial... and then found this easy birdy amigurumi and then realised I had no idea how to finish it all off!

Thank goodness for internet education! Here is the birdy's side and back:


Totally can't believe I made this bird! Psycho! I showed my Husbie and he couldn't look at it he thought it was so cute.

I think it's a mix of actually stopping my mind and concentrating (and watching the videos at least 4 times through) and having the space/time thing to actually learn a new technique. It's only round and single crochet, so nothing too crazy, and I used wool for the face, because I don't have any googley eyes in my stash. You know everything I do is a stashbuster thing!

But what do we think about the face? Sometimes I think she's really cute, but then I think perhaps she's really evil and you can't give something so naughty to a child. Does she look evil to you?

Oh damn! I wanted to watch Neighbours (on holiday mode to the max darlings) but Malcolm and the Middle Repeats are on! ERK! I can't stand the father so have to go find other trash holiday viewing!


  1. She looks cute, definately! And yay for new skills and the time to learn them!

  2. Last week you couldn't crochet and this week you made the cutest little bird. Be warned though, crochet is highly addictive, don't think you can stop now.

  3. She is super cute! This gives me hope I will be able to learn to crochet for my 101 things in 1001 days thing.

  4. omgoodness so cute! Darn I always want to learn to crochet. Planning to do so this winter! =D

  5. So adorable! I am hopeless with the crochet needle but this is so so fantastic I might have to change my thinking!

  6. ahhh, so here is the post where you learn the secret ways of crochet! this bird is great! cute cute cute! nice work, you! (hurrah for holidays - three more work days... who's counting?!)


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