Friday, 18 December 2009


Not the band darling... this little heart! Check it out:

Yippee! It's very cute, but I knew I was going to run out of red halfway down (I only ever use stash wool, so thought there was *just* enough) so did a few lines of white wool before ending up on the red. I do like the Sydney Swans footy team (if I had to choose a team in the AFL) so perhaps I could go to the game one time and wave this around and cry I HEART YOU SWANNIES.

Or I could just pin it to my sleeve.

(See what I did there? I wrote you a special twee LOL moment)

This might be my last post for a while (not sure about internerd connection where we're headed for HOLZ) so thank you darling for reading my words and checking out my pics and being a darling sounding board with your feedback. For those of you who don't comment, thank you for lurking and being (I bet) so gorgeous as you sit at home or at work or down at the internerd cafe (do I sound 1990s there or what?).

I drank too much Rose and Champs yesterday to finish off sewing any frocks for my holiday (it'll be too humid in QLD to wear anything but bathers though), so I'll take my little crochet friends in their pieces to sew together on my roadtrip. Better off now, to pack my bags for the trip today... Hang on.... something is in the way of packing my suitcase:

Aw, Doggie Darling just wanted to say HELLO too! I think she growled Happy Holidays to you too when I took this picture. Pretty sure she said that!

Talk soon, Veronica Darling


  1. Doggy Darling rocks! Don't you love it when they do that?! Ours is probably the size of your doggy's head, but she still looks impressive when that jaw opens wide, and that ridiculously long tongue comes out. Have the BESTEST time on holidayzzzzz.... and thanks for the lovely note. xo

    PS Your heart is heartworthy fer sure. :)

  2. The best picture. ever. What an adorable doggy.

  3. Ah the curses of living in a country that is often too hot for cute clothes! Have fun on your holiday... the interweb will still be here when you get back!! xo

  4. Doggy Darling is just too cute! Have a great holiday and a very merry christmas. Safe travels! Kat xo

  5. happy hols to you, I am guilty of lurking too often and not commenting enough, but I love all your stuff. I too am heading to Qld for a few weeks to perspire and languish at my in laws, so I now how you feel!

  6. ha! i think you ought to fashion a smaller heart as a matching necklace for doggie darling!

  7. Darling it's much cooler up here in Queensland today...lovely you might need your cardie! Have a fun holiday...

  8. Have a lovely Christmas darling!


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