Wednesday, 9 December 2009

If only the internet had smellovision* like in the 1960s

Not sure about you, but some days I could just become a hypertext machine! I love clicking on link after link after page after page (do we still call links links and pages pages?) and I tend to go from blog to online mag to fash house to photo gallery in a neverending story of my life and reading habits. Sometimes I like to open endless tabs in my browser and keep them open for days and days, much to my darling computer (and Husbie!)'s despair and worry.

But, I thought I'd start writing about my adventures instead of keeping those tabs open 'just in case' I need to look at them for the 36th day in a row, and I'll be able to document them here and talk a bit about why I like them etc. A review if you will. A storytelling adventure if you please.

 So I happen to fall upon Eco Salon a great collection of great things to read about and look at (nice ideas about holidays there today... ie. what NOT to buy just because it's Christmas)...

And then I found via an etsy conversation with Amy that I'd won a giveway they'd hosted, for DS and Durga Perfume! Shock! I'd quite forgotten that I'd even left a comment, cause I was probably just gushing over the site anyways and randomly dropping this gush in little comment boxes like Easter Eggs.

I chose the 'cedar' kind from their collection II, but there's so many lovely descriptions of the perfumes and their website is really cute to boot!

Yay for giveaways, what a great present just in time for Christmas! I feel so lucky!

Anyways, I've dropped into work today for a little pack up time and sorting out stuff for next year! It's great working 9 to 5. Weird but great!

* too lazy to google to find out if this was actually realised. Perhaps they did it in cinemas? Pump out smells during different scenes?

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  1. how funny! just came back from nyc where chanced across DS and Durga Perfume - never heard of it in the uk. totally adored it and brought hubby 'burnt barbershop' - unlike any other commercial scent. cedar came a close second. we left the shop without buying but came back 3 hours later cos we couldn't forget it.


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