Sunday, 13 December 2009

Little Crochet Friends #2 Octopus with Seven Legs

Hey guys,

I've been enjoying my holidays with a little bit of hanging out on the computer, hanging out with my Husbie and generally being festive with a lot of beer and wine. Our Melbs friend (who reads my blog) was here on Friday and we got really festive at the local teppanyaki joint. LOLz a hoy hoy indeed!

He really liked my new little friend:

Another crochet animal, amigurumi style of course, from this Lion Brand website of wool and patterns (you may have to sign up to see the free patterns, it's free though) but after I stitched the little cutie all up,  found another leg down the back of the couch. Oops! My Melbs friend does think that it adds character to the little octopus, make him more of a septopus perhaps?

Anyways! I've got a mad mad sore leg today, as we went down to a great dog beach today, and big dog was playing with Doggie Darling. They both bolted into me, but it totally killed. Husbie thought I'd snapped my wee little twiggy leg in two, but it was like a major corkage and it's already bruising. Eep!

So I'm a little down in the hurty dumps, but I've done a bit more sewing and crochet as I've sat around resting the leg. We're not planning on anything big for Christmas, for our family will be doing Kris Kringle for the first time this year, but I'd really like to send my little baby friends a present. I should get a few in the mail tomorrow.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh bummer to hear about your leg. I hope it gets better soon. Very cute octopus! You are making me even more motivated to be able to learn how to crochet.

  2. Aww, that little octopus is so cute. I hope it makes you smile, now you have such a sore leg. I hope it wil heal soon!

  3. Oh no! Nothing hurts more than a full-speed staffy to the legs! Though a getting a staffy forehead to your nose does come pretty close...
    Take care of yourself!

  4. wow! for someone who says she can't crochet... this septopus is completely adorable! Well done you, and thanks for the tip re the patterns, too.


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