Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Location Two...

Ok, here's location TWO, the loungeroom longways.

Dress: Cheap Store in Sydney shortened by Veronica Darling
Shoes: Melissa (but mine are red)

This location shoot is a bit better and easier for me to focus as the camera is on the kitchen table, and I think further enough back so you can see what the hell is going on. BUT I really liked having a neutral background. Is this one too busy? The dress is totally amazing, it was only $12 I think, and just amazing shape, it's very light cotton, so easy in this hot weather. I LOVE the cap sleeves and have used them in some of my other constructions recently... It's also heaps cooler in the hotter weather, as you don't have material pressed against your underarm. GUSH (can't believe I'm writing about clothes in this way. Aren't you getting a glorious insight into my gushed up/over thinking brain. LOL for you, my friend.)

Thanks a LOT to Joanie, cause she showed me this excellent blogger, The Freelancer's Fashion, who has THE amazing hair! She has HEAPS of tutorials too, so since I'm growing mine out again, expect some more gorgeous styles thanks to The Freelancer!

So today I've been doing a few home things, but am off to do some more things for The Bigger Picture (aka plans for the future) and perhaps drop by the Op Shop(s) on the way home.

I REALLY wanna finish some of my New England Style dresses/frocks (I got some excellent peach and yellow material that would totes suit, and if you're interested I did start this tumblr full of my current inspiration and thoughts - in pictures - so that's where I'm going with the colours) xoxo

See you!


  1. I think I like the other one better. What about IN the hallway?

  2. Hmm, that might be a good idea! Check back tomorrow! xoxo

  3. Cheap store and Sydney ...isn't that an oxymoron? Could you let us know where to find it?

  4. The background is a bit busy, but if you hadn't posted it I wouldn't be able to say that I love your chair, so there you have it!

  5. I like this location better than the first. I space is really awesome, and doesn't feel claustrophobic. I might consider removing the drink trolley, or the coffee table, or just changing something ever so slightly in this location, but it's killer, and it's got a great mood and vibe. I love how you see the hall as well - just adds to the space. Hope this helps! he he. xo

  6. Fine shot and it is convenient for you as location covers all. I must read al your other post too... Got some interest in it. Thanks.

    dsi r4


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