Thursday, 24 December 2009

Santa's Bits and Pieces

Bad fairy godmother.

Here's my crocheted Santa for my godson, in bits and pieces.

I really tried to get him finish in time for the post, but alas, he's still in pieces. Poor Santa. I don't think this means anything, as I'm sure my fairy godson's been a very good boy this year (he's only 1!) but perhaps I'm a bad fairy godmother! I just can't stitch him up fast enough. I have to look at him and ponder where the next bit will go, and his face took about an our to do (and that was only to put the eyes on!).

Anyways, I hope your projects are pulling together a little easier than mine and that your holidays are relaxing and full of champagne (like mine!).

The best thing about where we are for holidays, the OP SHOPS. Husbie and I visited 7 yesterday. Yep. SEVEN. I have handfuls of zippers, patterns, fabric galore... all for the stash. And we got heaps of other funny things, I'm sure I'll get photos over the next few days.

We're heading to my Aunty's tonight for tea, and a swim in the pool and... all the dogs are going to get a spa treatment as my Aunty has a hydrospa for her dogs. Luxury on hols for our poochers. LOL!



  1. Santa is looking so good...
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, dear Veronica. I am happy to have found your blog this year. I hope you'll have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

  3. I love the stockings. We actually talked about just doing stockings this year, to keep things a bit more sane. We'll see.

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