Monday, 14 December 2009

The sweat shop a la Veronica Darling is officially OPEN!

Hee Hee, I have a few odd jobs for people, and as we're heading up north on a Christmas Holiday this Saturday, thought I'd spend today to get them done... I got a headstart yesterday:

A friend of my Husbie's found this paisley purple material (and quite a lot off it!) at the op shop recently, and since her new loungeroom theme is purple I made up two cushion covers to match the store bought purple one.

Someone loves helping. (Not so helpful this morning though, she ripped up a cushion I was going to use for our fold out sofa. Oh puppy fun! Although all the cushin innards will become stuffing for my crochet friends now. So perhaps she was slyly helpful)

And here's where I'm at with my sewing for fun! I've decided that I'm going to make a dress and a skirt in the same material, in a bunch of fabrics and then go to market. I KNOW I keep saying I'll go to market one day, but I've starting feeling that without a challenge of a dress a day or 100 Outfits, I think I need some other motivation. And my wardrobe really can't handle more clothes! It's fully burst open and is all over our bedroom floor at the moment!

What kind of inspiration or motivation do you need to get you creating? I'm thinking of fun washed out summer things (instead of your typical primary bold colours for summer), and have got my tumblr up and running with loads of colours/things/fash to show where I'm heading! I'm going to listen to a LOT of Vampire Weekend to get in the mood! I believe it's kinda a New England vibe, but I'm going to find my Australian-ness in this somehow!

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