Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Two posts a day: It MUST be holidays

OMG, am I going blog crazy cause it's holidayztime?




For a while, I've wanted to find a spot that I can take pictures of, a la Franca at Oranges and Apples, or Lillipilli at Frocks and Frou Frou and of course Meg who's the best at Mommy Style (and will be trawling through her archives when I am pregs, see what I said there, WHEN I'm pregs - I know I was pondering the other day, but that was a ponder)... I'm fair too vain and self centred for children at the minute... right back to me then.. So!

Find a spot, by this I mean, find a spot in my house that is further enough away on the big camera (which takes the better photos than the smaller camera) but is light enough for minimal amount of photoshopping, but somewhere that I can easily check if the angle is wrong, and blah blah blah, I just kept on going with my thoughts, and so today I tested out the lounge room:

So it's kinda close (I did crop it, maybe I shouldn't crop it?) but I love the wash from iphoto, it's like all the family photos of my mum and dad when they were first married... I love it!

Anyways, I want to remember what I wore and how I wore things and not just wait for WWW 'Whatcha Wearing Wednesday' and it's best if I take my own photo cause my Husbie doesn't get home in time for the good light. AND, I want to remind myself that I look good and healthy, to motivate myself to KEEP good and healthy. We all know that I LOVE champagne (Moet & Chandon on Saturday night just gone - GUSH) but I'm trying to be fit and exercise so that I don't just plump out with all those bubbles I keep drinking!

Hee hee! So it's a pretty drab first outfit, as it's holidays and homekeeping. I'm keeping a good home at the moment.... or do I mean homemaker? ERRRR.

Any self portrait tips please, send them my way so I'm not so much a fool next time! Love, Veronica Darling


  1. I like the spot, if you moved that speaker out of the way, it would look all vintage!

    Tips, I don't know, buy a tripod? I held out for ages with getting one, but it's been the best move, it opens up lots of possibilities for backgrounds!

    Oh, and I'm so jealous you're on holidays already! I've got til Friday to go!

  2. Me too!! I'm going through the same thing. Need to find a good place in my small apartment with good lighting and take my own pics. I was inspired by this site. http://freelancersfashion.blogspot.com/
    Maybe we can be photo buddies. :)
    I'm going to try to get a picture up today of a refashioned apron I made.

    ps Your picture looks good. I love the fifties furniture thing. xxoo

  3. Love this, such a cute shot. I recommend not cropping so much, unless you are specifically cropping a smaller area.

    Get a remote, they are the bomb! And a tripod is a must, if you're not already using one. Experiment with different poses. You can always hit delete!!! :)

    I love the look of your blog, fresh and fun!

  4. Adorable post here and must say it is the cutest photo of you and I can say that background is a bit lasy arrangement, but if you hadn't posted it I wouldn't be able to say that I love your table than also it is well...

    dsi r4


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