Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What I'm carrying around for light reading at the moment

My light reading at the moment is 1100 Stitches Patterns and Knitting Crochet Basic Techniques. I picked it up at the Oppie a few weeks back, and really honestly am trying to learn how to crochet.

Everyone online here seems to be a whiz kid at it, but I'm yet to get it. My hands and brain just don't go with the flow. Now, I taught myself (after years of knitting the slow way) recently how to knit the fast way (continental) so am uber proud with myself at learning new things.

BUT I just can't crochet.

How funny are the names for some of these stitches though, my friend (who was shocked that I was carrying this around as light reading claiming 'We are SO different') thinks they'd suit horse names...


Cock's Head

Webbed Arcs

And Small Fans coming in for win by a nose.


  1. Ah, we are kindred spirits: I can't crochet either ;-) I do want to learn though, seeing how everyone makes lovely items that way. So I'll watch you learn how to do it. And if you get the hang of it quickly, I might get enough courage to start trying too :-D

  2. I have that very book! And I can crochet, but I can barely knit. For you I recommend Teresa's videos at the Art of Crochet: They are fabulous for beginning crocheters!

  3. Just discovered your fabulos blog - best of luck with the crochet. I have a mental block with crochet, a dear old friend of my mothers once tried to teach me and gave up!

  4. You are a doll and so talented! Please accept the blog award I have given you!


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