Sunday, 31 January 2010

Spending too much time with pink...

I have never never never created things from so much pink stuff. The dusty pink fabric for Weigel's 1941 was fine, it had a sheen to it that was kinda grey.

But here's MORE pink!

Yesterday I sat down with 3 pieces of fabric, yellow, greeny yellow and pink stripes, to measure out what was needed for Butterick 7181 and this must have been the glory days, oh yes indeedie! For the skirt I measured out 100 inches (I prefer using inches because they're a lot meatier and you can always remember the numbers more that 84 cms or whatever) around the waist! Lots of darts and lots of gathering!

So I had to choose PINK again for this dress, as my yellow and greeny yellow checked material had hardly enough material to make half that skirt! The pink stripes is from the Salvo's in Tempe and I remember buying it last year thinking this is the LAST time I'm buying fabric from this place BECAUSE they really run the costs up in the giant warehouse. You know how you can leave with 5 bits of fabric for $10 or so, from a normal op shop? This place you'll buy the same bits and it'll cost $50. I know it's all charity driven etc, but as my sewing is a hobby, and not a profession, I'm not out to spend a lot! I just can't afford to go there!

Anyways, this is kinda linen pink stuff, and kinda soft and a little bit see through.


So! Yesterday, before I cut it all out I measured the length I wanted for the skirt, since this was going to take up most of the fabric, I mapped it out (100 inches by 20 inches) and cut that first. Then I looked at the rest of the pattern pieces and saw that the facings were only very thin, and considering my fabric was so light... I decided to line the bodice with spare pinky drill I had in the stash.

Putting together the bodice took AGES because I had to look at it, and then look at it some more. Then I went and played some computer games. Then I came back and looked at it with the sleeves pinned on. I looked at it some more. I pinned the whole thing together and folded it out (the lining of course wasn't as straight forward as I thought, and I had to get the sleeves involved without sewing up the wrong bits!)... and I felt like I could do it! Yippee! The lining has given it a bit of stiffness too, because how the hell does it stay up? The sleeves drop down past the shoulder (I've named this the 'Rochelle, Rochelle' look after Seinfeld) so the bodice needs to be kinda stiff and fitting to stay up!

It looks great hey!??? The buttons are from the stash too, and were rather tricky to put on for some reason. I, of course, forgot the interfacing along the holes so it's a bit flimsy. OH WELL!

And here's the side without the zipper. How much gathering is there??!! 

So, it's a pretty goodlooking dress so far, but I'm totally OVER pink. I don't even know if this is for me now either, as it's pretty syrupy and I don't really tend to wear these kinda colours. 

Hopefully I'll finish this today, before I go to the Laneway Festival. It's changed locations this year, so perhaps it'll be fun. Not sure if 'Rochelle, Rochelle' is up for a music festival yet!


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Opening up Butterick 7181

Thanks SO much for your great feedback on Weigel's 1941, it's so very cute and you are a darling for popping by!

So today, I've read some blogs and taking darling Doggie for a walk with my morning coffee, and I'm ready for Saturday and the weekend to begin.

I'll open up a new pattern I reckon!


Butterick 7181 is a 'Dress and Stole: Day or Formal Lengths' in 11 pieces. It's 'cut low to show off your shoulders' (which makes me wonder what bra to wear with it? I'll have to find my strapless bodice thing) and I'm keen on the checks/tartan one because of I wanna go through my New Hampshire collection of colours, and have some checked yellow/green material from the op shop in mind. So that's View B, which has a button-front bodice (eep) and straight shoulder and hemline. I don't *think* I'll make the stole, as I haven't checked the material yet and really don't think there will be enough.

I just opened the instructions, and they're a little all over the place, because most of the focus is on the View A, because of the 'flouncing' (edging, I'm guessing) and there's STACKS of material needed for that. I've never really tried these kinds of things, because I'm always using stash material, and if I did have some flounced material edges, I guess I'd never really have enough for a whole dress like View A. Anyways, it's looking ok for View B, and just checked that there are TWO layers of material for the skirt, so I won't stuff up like last time!

Thanks to Amanda, once again, for sharing her vintage patterns to I can try them out! Love a challenge, and so begins round two of Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Weigel's 1941 - TICK!


Great news just in, I've completed my first vintage pattern as part of my "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge"! Yippee. If you've only just stopped by now, I have a pen pal in Adelaide (called Amanda!) who has shared with me several delicious vintage patterns recently. And as I'm a keen seamstress, but always in dire need of a motivator, I've decided to make and review these lovely patterns, and hence "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge"!

So, here you have Weigel's 1941, and if you love the history behind patterns, Amanda found this awesome note about Johanna Weigel. She lived in Richmond in Melbs and started the pattern making business in 1877. CUTE. And YIKES.

The pattern is Bust 34, and I'm around that usually, but this is much bigger, say 2 inches. (You may see me holding it in above) But the main thing for me, the shoulders and the waist are just too big too. I didn't alter anything else from the pattern piece (apart from cutting a foot - at least - from the hem), so overall it's not really my size, but I have a feeling a few girlfriends from work would be EXACT fit.

There are a few gathers around the shoulder/armhole/under the collar, and I'm not sure if that's just me being a bit too little in the shoulder to hold it up, or if it's because I missed interfacing the bottom collared bits. I forgot about them til it was too late, and maybe the collar doesn't really sit properly on my wee little shoulders.


I told you about my skirt mishap the other day, but overall it hasn't affected the style of the dress. I did add an extra row of buttons above the waist line, since I wasn't going to do the belt, and I think it looks really cute!

I love the scoopy sailor-esque collar!

Everything is made from thrifted materials, the pink cotton/sheeny stuff is opshopped, and the buttons and zipper (on the side) are both thrifted too. Even the pinky thread I was given from my friend's granny. So all second hand and totally one of a kind dress. I used up all the material, so there wasn't even enough for the belt.

I really love the pattern, it was SO easy to follow (apart from me being silly and misreading the amount of fabric for the skirt) and is a really pretty dress.

What did I learn? I need to remember interfacing in collars and not rush them, as they can kinda look a little homemade if not attached properly or carefully ironed etc. And yay! Again for my Husbie's flash, so I can post today!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lovely bundles of possibilities

Awww, thank you for all your kind words and emails about yesterday's post, it's so nice to have a mid week pick me up kinda day, followed by darling online friends popping by.

Here's a sample of my Christmas Queensland adventures at the op shops! We stayed in Scarborough, and we visited Redcliffe and Sandgate thrift stores as there are shitloads around there to see, I just googled them up before we went and thanks to Husbie's GPS we found them all!

I just love the zippers that are still in their original packets, and all the fonts and colours on the packaging.

My weekly challenge has of course blown out a BIT because of the extra jobs I've had on, but I'll have new results soon on the dusty pink Weigal 1941 and then will be choosing a new pattern to make up and review.

Tonight I made a mix of this salad and this salad, and thanks to our lovely NEW fridge (our anniversary present, we decided) all our organic vegetables from the weekend's market has survived the week! We usually couldn't keep a lettuce longer that 2 days, and we had these gorgeous salads no problems today. Love fresh veggies!


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Best Day EVER!

I had the best day (but am really full of my dins now) EVER today, and I'm going to be vague and brief, only because I have to dive into bed for my early start tomorrow!

A quick rundown in dot point form of my best day ever!

- We had a big working day yesterday (Australia Day) and my team and I woke again super early for another fantastic day at work. TICK! Great success all round! Yippee!

- It's my wedding anniversary today and Husbie dropped into work at 9.30am for a quick pash, out the front. Yippee! A darling work colleague saw us and said 'Awww Young Love' ... CUTE

- I was asked to go 'on tour' with the biggest UK band in Australia at the moment, as their TOUR MANAGER. They are the loveliest guys, and I had to turn them down because I already have a job. SAD but CUTE because I felt very good at my organisational skillz and that young musicians noted this. LOLZ

- One of my dresses that I've made recently (the red one) appeared over several 'fun' websites and the owner had a BALL and even went down a slip'n'slide whilst wearing it. VERSATILE!

- Husbie and I went and ate out for a HOT DATE and gushed and drank really nice wine in Balmain for our wedding anniversary! It's been 3 years of marriage, but maybe 8 years of togetherness? Maybe 9 years. We can't remember because LOVE wins in the end anyways. GUSH LOLZ SPEW

- BUT, also, we bought Husbie a flash for his darling camera for his birthday in December AND IT ARRIVED IN THE POST TODAY, and here's a fun phots of us trying it out:

 That's me!

What a great day, best day evs, and terribly exhausting. Yay.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday 25th January

I haven't posted a daily outfit for a while, as I'm just way too busy! I've thought about it every now and again (most often when I look the cutest) and just can't spare the time setting up the camera. I suppose if I weren't working full time and waking up so freaking early and yada yada it'll be fine!

But since I was wearing a newish stretch fabric dress today to work, I thought I'd ask Husbie to quickly snap me.

Dress: Veronica Darling
Shoes: Zomp
Hair: Clovelly Beach Hair

I had a few meetings through the day, and didn't end up getting home to heaps late, but miraculously I didn't have sore toots in these shoes. The dress is a stretchy material, that I got from the Remnants Warehouse on an excursion last year (I think the sales were on or something) and I made it in 20 minutes because I wanted something new to wear up the road cause we were doing something. I can't remember what.

It's the EASIEST design and the material is strong enough that you don't have to sew the hem or the arms. It's like 2 pieces and a yoke bit. ABSOLUTELY unreal. One day when I'm a grown up, I shall post you a tutorial on how to do this 3 piece wiggle dress and you shall be awesome too.

Anyways, sorry for my gush about myself, I feel fantastic today (despite my work hours) and am now thinking of tea time and what I shall drink with it... as it's a SLEEP IN for me tomorrow! I don't have to work til 10am. Yippee!

If you're Australian, what are you doing on your day off?!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reddie for Australia Day?

My friend is going to look so cute in this red and white cherry print dress!

She needed a couple of bright and light cotton dresses for Australia Day this Tuesday, and we went to Spotlight together last weekend to find some fabric. My friend found this herself in the humble jumble of the store, and it's gorgeous cotton slash some synthetic, so hopefully it won't crush too much when sitting/driving etc.

The cherries are so sweet! I used my friend's store bought pattern, it's Kwik Sew 3599 if you're curious, but I added a big gathered band to the hem to make it a bit longer.

And the easy part was ... no zippers or buttons! It ties up at the back with a big ribbon.

My darling friend calls these sleeves 'Holly Hobbie' sleeves, remember that little cartoon & story? And I'm freaking loving the curved edges on these pictures! I've been using for a while now, it's really easy to use at work, but just discovered all the extra bits in the 'create' section.

It's a perfect day for sewing, overcast, dreamy and not really hot or cold. I've got heaps done!

Sans zippedy doo dar

So Weigal 1949 is coming along great, but a few little problems did pop up since yesterday. And entirely my own overlooking and speediness caused them.

Here's my latest pics though, and I'll flick through what I've completed and perhaps point out my downfalls after...

The front looks great! I'm kinda happy with my matching up of the front sections (although don't stare too hard at the leftish one) all it needs here are the cutie little red buttons to make it look more tailored and spesh.

Here's the side zippedy doo dar spot, sans zipper of course. I'll finish that off later.

And the darling back look, and my total fave. I adore the scoopy collar and the gathered up waistline on that skirt.

Ok, now for my mistakes! When I cut out the material the other day, I marvelled at my fabric predicting skills, and loved that I used up all the pink fabric (thrifted mind you, so no more!) exactly and precisely as the pattern's cutting instructions told me. Or so I thought...

But I didn't really look at the larger skirt pattern piece, until today. I was supposed to cut out TWO pieces of that larger skirt piece, and not one, as I had done. My darling red arrows are pointing to the folded bits that I totally overlooked.


So I just cut the bit I had in two, and now the skirt was balanced, but without the same amount of gathers and fullness of skirt it should have. BUT, I don't mind the result really, as I've cut the skirt shorter anyways, perhaps less material and fullness is better for a flippy shorter gal.

But then I had a mini disaster when Doggie Darling got excited and jumped onto the very same pattern pieces and ripped a little bit of the tissue. OMG! So terribly sorry Amanda, I did patch it up ok and it's only a small tear, so of course the pattern piece is totally fine to use. All patterns and tissue are now safely tucked away so no other mishaps can happen!

Anyways, gotta dash and start on a few dresses I'm making for Australia Day. My friend is on an adventure and is in need of bright cotton frocks, so more on Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge later.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Dusty Pink Top of Weigel 1941

Here's parts of what I put together yesterday, as I continue with Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, where I make a vintage pattern up each week, as chosen by Amanda of Adelaide from her lovely collection. For you regular looker on-ers know, I need a challenge to keep me in the sewing room so I may as well review vintage patterns along the way!

The pattern is Weigel 1941 and as it's summer here I'm not doing any sleeves. Here's the front:

I remembered to interface the top collar, but forgot to do the yokes (bottom collar bit) but that's ok I guess. As the front bits are layered, I'm hoping there's enough stiffness going on.

The pattern is going well really, no hiccups that I can see. I love all the darts in the front bodice bits, they are always quite flattering for my figure. It has a side zipper, so my next step is to sew the sides together, but not all the way down on one side, do the bias binding on the sleeves and then it'll be time to attach the skirt I imagine.

Here's the back collar, and it was really windy this morning when I took these pics, so I didn't get a photo of it looking smooth. I may have to iron all over again, looking at this photograph now, as the collar looks puckered a bit.

Everyone is on lockdown in my house today, it's predicted to be very very hot, and we did all our shopping and doggie stuff early so we can just be in the house and stay cool. I'm going to try out the sewing room now, as I've read the ENTIRE paper and had a good brunch, so hopefully it's not too hot in there with the iron on!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Mrs Tailor strikes again and some blog love

I've officially become Mrs Tailor again, with my friends, neighbours and colleagues asking for my mad sewing skillz to help them and their clothes out. Pretty soon I'll have to update that To Do List of mine, and strike off just as much as what I'll have to add on. Here's my taxi man's shirts all re-hemmed, for he is short in stature like myself, and needs a little balancing out.

Recently some very good and loving readers gave me a couple of nods my way:

Thank you to Lisa at The Vintage Librarian for the Kreativ Blogger one (although I'm really puzzled by the spelling of this creative award. I guess more work was put into the lovely colours and contrast and the spelling was overlooked?) and the Sugar Doll award was from Barbara who writes at The Flowery Skirt (and is a super keen refashionista!). Thank you for reading and passing these awards on!

I'm going to be a little bit time poor (1990s buzz word again) and just leave you with some THOUGHTS, as both awards were about 'Things You Didn't Know About Me'... I'll choose 8 things, because it's somewhere slightly between 7 and 10.


I'm about to go to get a facial so am posting quickly before I leave. It's really hot so I'm hoping it's a nice cool one and the facial place is right around the corner from where I live


The first music concerts I went to were within a few months of each other, so I can't remember if it was Prince (and the New Power Generation tour) or The Cure (touring the Wish album) that I saw first. I tell people it was Prince because he's just so cool. But I suppose The Cure are just as cool.


I'm really terrible at cashing in or using up gift vouchers. I always lose them because I switch handbags so often, and almost lost a really expensive restaurant voucher yesterday, but luckily found it down the couch.


My hands are the same size as an 8 year old boy's. My feet haven't grown since I was 11 years old. I am little in most places, but you obviously can't tell that online. Yippee.


My new workmates keep making me talk on the radio and I'm actually getting used to it. I'm very bad at constructing sentences though, and always am paranoid they'll tell a joke and I won't get it.


I wanted to be a forensic pathologist when I was still at school, and lately I've started thinking about whether I should write crime novels. Or murder mysteries. I did hear a podcast from This American Life though, that was about people who's relatives have been murdered and how it is just awful to see so many murder and intrigue shows on the telly. So I'm in mixed minds.


The facial place just called me and told me it's time to go to my appointment! Funny!


I'm going to leave Doggie Darling inside because it's so hot. Hopefully she won't chew up the couch!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Snip snip

I opened up Amanda's Weigel 1949 vintage pattern, and discovered all pieces perfectly there. Neatly folded, and perhaps never used, as there were no pin marks anywhere. But perhaps used with special care whilst cutting.

Lately I've stuffed all my vintage buttons into various bottles from the kitchen, they're as colour coded as can be (or as much as I had time for last year, 'beige or yellow?' same diff for now!) and make for very useful weights.

My Built By Wendy Books (Sew U and Sew You Stretch) talked about using cans of tomatos or cans of chickpeas for weighing down your pattern pieces, and I thought since I'm using vintage patterns for the great "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge" (they're Amanda's) I'll not risk using pins as I go about cutting the pattern pieces out. These pieces were already cut, as I think was the trend back then, so just needed a bit of flattening overnight on the ironing board and today I used my button bottles to weigh down the bits for easy and preserving snip snip snips.

The only change I made so far was to cut the hem of the skirts (3 skirt pieces in total) to 19 inches from the waistline. I'm sure I've told you many times that I am a short arse petite size so this skirt would sit right around my ankles in it's current size. Because I used the weights instead of pins, I couldn't really judge my material, but luckily it turned out perfect because I'd shortened the skirt the right amount. I do wear my skirts a little shorter than most anyways, so I think will look cute (hopefully) a bit shorter round the bottom because of the formal collaring around the top.

Oh, and one of the collar pieces (there's 2 of the same piece required) I had to cut differently (ie, using the opposite grain) because I ran out of material on the fold as well, but luckily there was enough bits left over ... I want to say 'upstairs' because I was putting the leftover fabric on the table, and then cut the skirt pieces out on the floor.

Ha ha!

More soon!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Choosing fabric for Weigel 1941

Please keep your lovely comments coming, it's totally welling me with motivation and gush for vintage patterns and vintage creations!

Today I went to work, but instead of going home straight away Husbie picked me up, and we went to the beach for a lounge about in the waves! Very nice afternoon exercise (I was yelling, with head bobbing, 'keep your legs kicking and it's almost like swimming laps against the tides') and holiday reprieve midweek.

Anyways, upon reading all your lovely remarks from yesterday's post, and Katherine noticed, obviously, the rare Weigel's pattern. And friends, I love vintage patterns, I learned to sew via my mum's vintage patterns, but I'm no expert on them. So if you do notice something, and wanna chat more or have some more info on any of Amanda's patterns for 'Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge '10', please let me know!

So here's the back of the pattern:

An entire advertisement for Lightning! Choosing the fabric for View A (the orange one) wasn't too hard, I looked in my summer/autumn colour range that I set aside before Christmas to make a whole bunch of dresses in the same colour range, and saw this dusty pink cotton/linen. All my summer/autumn range (hee hee) are from the op shop, so all thrifted material, and I thought this pink stuff was good because I have over 2 full arm lengths of it, it's not patterned (you know, to match up or whatever) and it's not floral. I have SO much floral, and I thought a full colour would be different for me, and obviously easier.

But did you see the extra zipper and buttons? The pattern calls for a Lightening 'Fastener' and I was SO happy that I had exactly that. Right colour, right size and even though it looks like perhaps a 1970s commerical zip, it's still a fastener RIGHT!?! Yay!

Here's a couple of extra pics for you vintage pattern lovers!

Cute! See you tomorrow, I may have some progress from the sewing room to report!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge Begins!

Thanks SO much for your darling feedback on my vintage pattern challenge, I'm totally inspired! Whilst I have a few mending things* left to do, I'm going to start my "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge" with this darling pattern:

It's a Weigel's 1941 and I've never seen (or noticed) this brand before. It's manufactured in Australia (or says by Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand) and has Moorabbin, Victoria as the head office.

This pattern is a 34 Bust, and I'm thinking of making A (the orange print) because of the summer weather. It may OR may not fit me, as I can't remember my bust size, so I'm thinking of some of the materials I've selected from my colour palette (see my tumblr photo blog for more on my colours) as it'll be perfect for the last months of summer and autumn time. I'll prolly end up cutting it shorter 'cause I'm a short arse, but we'll see!

Yay! Thanks for the motivation!

* My progress
Cherry's mending (half way through)
Erin's mending
Brother's mending
Emma's mending
Finish Watermelon dress
Wash Rosie's fabric
Start Rosie's dresses
Husbie's shorts
Taxi man's shirts
Z's cushions
Sam's bags

Clean items in old fridge
Pack new fridge
Clean bedroom up
Tidy Lounge etc up
Husbie & Tony will do switch
Get bank accounts sorted

To buy:
Deeper sheets from Tarj

Monday, 18 January 2010

A new modern day pen pal (and whiffs of a new challenge)

I've been saving up this post for a few days, as my day job gets so busy and after work I'm a wee bit exhausted. Blogging and taking photos just seem too time consuming, and when you work my hours (EARLY), you have to look after your energy. Today's been a really great day, so here I am refreshed!

I also wanna write nicely for you, and be peppy instead of BORING about my day job (which is exciting in way, but not really a crafty adventure) and one of the most wonderful things (I'm sure you'll agree if you are a blogger yourself) is all the lovely people who you meet through blogging and these ace relationships that can form via cyberspace (sorry I'm so 90s!). But, what I wanna do is send Amanda from Adelaide some gush and if she had a blog I'd linkydink to her right now, but she and I have been emailing as pen pals for a little while now and it's time to share her wonderful mad skillz!

Amanda is very awesome (she is a Occupational Therapist during the day) and dreams of vintage crafty adventures of her own when she has time. We've been chatting (re: writing as penpals) about how to get motivated and also being time poor (remember that was a buzz word a few years back before we were even time poor?) and.... about vintage patterns! So I wanted to share with you a care package Amanda kindly sent through to me, as I smell a whiff of a new challenge:

There are 13 original patterns, all ones I haven't got in my own collection, and all on lend by the lovely Amanda of Adelaide. But can you see the darling doggie in the back ground?

It's my own dear heart Doggie Darling that Amanda designed, stitched and sewn all on her ownsome! How freaking CUTE!??!! Thank you dearheart!


So my idea (and a 2010 kickstart for my sewing) is to sew up a pattern a week, and talk you through it, and show you my results. I'll give a little pattern review (all the rage) and a little blah blah blah on my creation. There are 13 darling patterns, so it'll roll out over 3-4 months, and be a really nice steady stream of sewing for me (and hopefully great fashion for you) and the best bit... I'm going to start RIGHT away!

Ooh Doggie Darling seems interested!

I might name this challenge "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge" and I'll let you know tomorrow what I'll start with.

Thank you Amanda, you're a dreamboat.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

If I knew you were coming I'd've baked a cake

When I feel housewifey or nostalgic, this is the song I think of:

Today we're being a busy bee after a shopping and doing day yesterday (doing things outside of the house) so hence the feeling of housewifey-ness.

You may have picked up on the fact that I'm actually never a regular cleaner so perhaps the above picture wouldn't really be accurate. The middle two scenarios would be the closest match I reckon. And of course the hair do's and the aprons in all, that's me for sure! Aprons just for being in the house I say!

I'm curious to know if I were a stay at home lady, would I actually do these kind of things, or would I just wind up playing online computer games all day?

Nevertheless, my randomness needs a bit of order, cause I wanted to create a check list for myself today (and for the week ahead):

Cherry's mending
Erin's mending
Brother's mending
Emma's mending
Finish Watermelon dress
Wash Rosie's fabric
Start Rosie's dresses
Husbie's shorts
Taxi man's shirts
Z's cushions
Sam's bags

Clean items in old fridge
Pack new fridge
Clean bedroom up
Tidy Lounge etc up
Husbie & Tony will do switch
Get bank accounts sorted

To buy:
Deeper sheets from Tarj

Saturday, 16 January 2010

So that's what 4am feels like

Phew phew phew.

This time last week I was *hanging* to start my regular hours at work, and that dear reader is the shiny side of the AM: a 4am wake up call. I've now had five days of the darling alarm clock again, and I am tired, I am funny looking around my eyes, I am emotional, I am very proud of my work colleagues, but the best bit... I am SO excited that I got to see some darling friends and so over the moon that I saw Grizzly Bear at an amazing concert hall type venue in the city.

A darling photo that my friend took of me before Grizzly Bear on Monday night, and that's some mad pin curl at the front!

It was a very busy and jam packed week.


My aim this weekend is to get some sewing in, to make me a little more relaxed and ready for the next week ahead (but it's hopefully not as busy). I get itchy inside when I haven't sat in my darling sewing room, and after a good dose of creating stuff, I feel better. Do you know what I mean?

I want to finish a dress, and start some other dresses and mend a few things as well. Nice and relaxed weekend. Hope you have some good plans too!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I'm hooked on roses for my bike!

Did I tell you that I rode a FREAKING bike last week? I think so, but I'm just pointing out again that I was brave and tackled the Sydney streets with my hybrid two wheeled vehicle. ON MY OWN.

And thank you to Husbie hooking me up with a front handled basket (does it have another name than this? NOT FAMILIAR WITH BIKE TERMINOLOGY) I've started hooking myself some ace red roses to chuck up all over the front basket.

For this darling rose, I followed this amazing and free pattern, where I learnt, good friend, that DOUBLE CROCHET (db) can also mean TREBLE CROCHET (tb I assume) in Australia. (!!!) So perhaps that's why some of my starter crochet pieces were disbanded and pulled out. Perhaps that's why things were way tighter and weirder than they looked. Did anyone else know this? Is this a really silly thing that I've overlooked?

Nevertheless, the little stick in the mud crafter that I am, I've soldiered on and overcome these little terminology differences and created a thread of wavey red things:

Which will become, a curled/rolled fabric thing, which becomes a rose!

Sozza about my photobooth photography, I simple have no time at all to use the 'big' camera, as it's summer time and early work time for me at the moment, so I've been working hard, resting up, attending appointments and meeting up with darling interstate friendsies. Sadly no time for creating much (I hope to change this tomorrow, one simply *must* attend her sewing room frequently) but a few moments to read up on some new sewing/draft books I have that I'm going to tell you about.

So still here darlings, but terribly bad at blogging/crafting/sewing slash anything other than work and talking I'm afraid!

Hee hee!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Husbie's photos now have a home...

Some of you may have a keen eye and realise that some photos are better than others here on my bloggidy blog blog. I do really like some of my photos, and am proud of how my photography is getting better. Really it's the camera, but some of the time it's me learning and growing my skills.


Sometimes my darling husbie gets time to take some photos of my things, and then, I think you'll recall dear friends, my clothes look amazing. Fashion photography (almost) darlings!

Anyways, thought I'd pop up from my busy week just to say that Husbie and his friend have started a very nice looking website and they are going to shoot their first wedding in March together. Cuteness! Their angle is less formal photos (the ones where everyone stands in lines) and more capturing the day with movement. (I just made that up, but I think that's what they're going for - less poses and more vividness) (Husbie does have a motion picture background after all)

So the name they've come up with is Shotgun Pictures, and if you like pretty pictures, I'd suggest having a look.

Here's my friend in the water:

Photo by Husbie, via Shotgun Pictures

I hope you're having a lovely January! My darling friends are seeing the sights of the Northern Beaches today, and will be with us til Sunday, so I'm kinda hoping for a bit of bright sunshine so they'll remember Sydney fondly when they return to the UK. We haven't been to the beach yet, so I'm dying to take them to Clovelly (it's my fave spot because of the concrete!), so I'm hoping Saturday morning might be the go-er.

And as for my real job, it's been taking up most of my week, but it's not all trouble and strife. It's really great actually, as I'm working with loads of new people, and we're all getting along well. I'll be back to crazy hours again on Monday, with my 4am alarm clock, so I think I'll get some relaxo time to sew in the afternoons. I really like the early hours, but at the moment everyone is going out and making the most of daylight savings, so I'm going to have be really strong and get to bed on time! Eep!

Monday, 4 January 2010

First day at work for 2010!

Wow, it was my first day back at work today. AND I RODE MY FREAKING BIKE. I had forgotten even how to work the gears. Eeep!

It's my slowly, slowly, slowly way of getting fit (ha ha) and getting rid of the Christmas Bulge. Anyways, just a quick post today because here's a photo of the back of my pin curls (quite loose and big) as my dad took it and just sent it to me before!

I'm just working 9 to 5 this week, so no crazy hours just yet and my darling friend from the UK is visiting from tomorrow. I just packed up (with the help of Husbie, I owe him the world of hugs) my sewing room and it's now a guest room for my houseguests.

Talk to you later darlings! Wishing you fun days at work if you're back today too!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pin the Curls on the Girly

So, like many of us fine lady bloggers in the crafty/fash world, I've become intrigued by the pin curl hair set.

(*be very aware my friends, there may be some slight moaning about one's own hair here in this post, but I know deep down we should all love our own hair, so bare with me!*)

Once upon a time (*I told you*), I had really long, and really straightish hair that didn't really frizz. It was golden etc and (kinda boringly) chopped in that early 90s Girlfriend way (Australians, you know the band I'm talking about) and I was also like 11 years old. Now you know I'm not going to waste your time here by telling you EVERY freaking hair cut and style I've had along the way, but just remember that there were teenaged years, there were travelling years and there were uni years and early career years. All with their own hair styles.

Now, along the way my hair turned kinda curly, and it kinda got outta hand, and then it got frizzy, then it got curly again, then it went straight (thanks to hot irons!) and then it got platinum.


But one thing I've noticed the most, when I hair dry it with the dryer or use the hot tongs or the hot rollers, my hair isn't very happy anymore. It's not smooth, it's frizzy, (Being in the humid side of town makes it more so too) but since I don't wash it that often either I wanna make it good for the week without chemical hotness. And so after seeing some styles over at the Freelancer's Fashion Blog, where she mentioned the pin curl set and showed us some great curled up styles (here's some Christmas rolls with flowers), I thought I'd try it out.

Awww, all rolled up waiting for them to dry.

Here's a really cute write up about pincurls and my favourite quote is "Isn’t it time you tried something new and glamorous? 50s pin curls up-do looks are easy, fresh, and fun. Give them a try today and start turning heads tomorrow.."

So over the next few weeks I'm sure you'll see some more pincurl results from me (I've got some photos but the stupid of stupid uploading person - ie me - is doing something wrong and it's not working anymore) but in the meantime, check by darling Nikkishell who's a crafty young lass experimenting with pincurls of all shapes and sizes (I believe she got SPONGE rollers for Christmas lucky duck!) and the ever gorgeous Gertie has some great styles too with pin curls.

Here are some of the videos that helped me learn it, and my hair most suits bigger curls, and the set on your head type (like above) that you leave in during the day rather than leave in at night! You'll see what I mean after a lookie at the vids!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Christmas Outfit and Down to Business

Well I thought I'd post my outfit from Christmas day, as Doggie Darling is just too cute 'hanging out' in the background!

Shoes: Tiger Valentine via Zomp in Melbs
Hair: Pincurls and flowers from the tropical garden

Well it's down to business for us today, we've got unpacked shop bags all over the house, we've got dog toys (some getting chewed right now by my feet) everywhere and my friend is going to pop over this afternoon for a visit.


So, whilst it's still kinda holidays, it's cleaning up time, getting organised and prepared for next week (we have house guests from the UK - my fairy godson - yippee!) and I'll go back to work. It feels like a kinda non-weekend, with a large to-do-list up our sleeve, BUT! It's freaking humid and sticky and I just feel like getting a cleaner in and one of those people who 'sorts' out your house. You know, like sorts and orders your bookshelf and shows you how to use cute little containers for your soap and stuff.

I think it's that time of year as well, when you want some order and lists and neatness. I've got to get back to it, because my shiny light could be a few new dresses to go back to work with... Yeah! I'll get it done and then I can sew! Yippee!


Friday, 1 January 2010

Best of 2009 - Top Ten (part three)

Oops! Got a little busy last night talking and didn't get home til later!

Happiest Happy to you, and hope you enjoyed a wonderful and safe evening last night.

So! Back to the Top Ten (of my creations this year), with my last two favourites of the year:

Two - Stash Stretch and designing beginnings

This tshirt dress was a little different to all the other ones, as I made the cap sleeves inbuilt with the front and back pattern pieces, so I ACTUALLY cut out my first pattern piece. I've been sewing for about 8 years now, following commercial patterns, sometimes making things up (cutting around other dresses and things I like) but I've never cut out a pattern (so I used old wrapping paper) before, and feel really proud that my sewing skillz have reached a point that my brain can work out dimensions and seams (before they are joined) etc. VERY PROUD seamstress over here!

Yay! I have bought some good books to help with pattern drafting (I'll post about them soon! Promise!) so feel like I'm well on the way with my sewing skillz!

And so:

One - The Frock for the Awards Night!

Here's my lovely friend and I on the red carpet, she wearing Marc Jacobs and myself Veronica Darling. (I think that's Daniel Merriweather in the background!) What I love about this dress is ... EVERYthing... the material was from the Remnants Warehouse (a designer fabric that the shopkeeper couldn't remember who designed) and the pattern was a Vogue vintage one from *maybe* 1980s, but I changed everything apart from the v neckline and the waistband. Of course I had to make it shorter, and put on some really great kimono style short sleeves (or cuffs) that I kinda have seen around, but made up (designer in the making here!) myself.

And who can forget the big fuck off bow? There was a bit of to and fro-ing going on about that one... but in the end I went there and it was great. It was a lot of learning along the way, constructing it bit by bit to make it fit right, and feel right. The material is very scratchy overall, so the lining totally helped. After wearing it the side seams (down near the hem) have started to go, because the material is pretty fragile on the hem lines, and I did make it pretty fitting, so I guess my walking and sitting down and standing up kinda stretched the fabric from the seams there. Oh well!

But mostly this was a total deadline dress, cause I was also making my friend's dress too for the awards night! Busy bee!

Phew! It was a very busy year all round for me and my friends and family, but I'm happy 2009 is finished now. It was way too full to begin with!

We don't really talk about resolutions at all in my house, but what I've really liked thinking about is how new traditions can begin in a family. As it's now my Husbie, Doggie Darling and myself in our family (we only got the little pup in April) for this year, and a lot of our friends are having babies, it's a really sweet feeling thinking that I'm getting older and can take responsibility for things in not just my life anymore. I take care of Husbie and Doggie Darling whole heartedly (and it sounds silly but totally great to say that) so I'm thinking a lot about family in 2010 already! Gush!

Anyways, I know I've got heaps of gush up my sleeve for later, so won't gush over you too much now, but all the best for your hangovers (Husbie's in bed again now!) or your full tummy's and wishing you good times in 2010!

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