Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge Begins!

Thanks SO much for your darling feedback on my vintage pattern challenge, I'm totally inspired! Whilst I have a few mending things* left to do, I'm going to start my "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge" with this darling pattern:

It's a Weigel's 1941 and I've never seen (or noticed) this brand before. It's manufactured in Australia (or says by Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand) and has Moorabbin, Victoria as the head office.

This pattern is a 34 Bust, and I'm thinking of making A (the orange print) because of the summer weather. It may OR may not fit me, as I can't remember my bust size, so I'm thinking of some of the materials I've selected from my colour palette (see my tumblr photo blog for more on my colours) as it'll be perfect for the last months of summer and autumn time. I'll prolly end up cutting it shorter 'cause I'm a short arse, but we'll see!

Yay! Thanks for the motivation!

* My progress
Cherry's mending (half way through)
Erin's mending
Brother's mending
Emma's mending
Finish Watermelon dress
Wash Rosie's fabric
Start Rosie's dresses
Husbie's shorts
Taxi man's shirts
Z's cushions
Sam's bags

Clean items in old fridge
Pack new fridge
Clean bedroom up
Tidy Lounge etc up
Husbie & Tony will do switch
Get bank accounts sorted

To buy:
Deeper sheets from Tarj


  1. That pattern is gorgeous! I love so many vintage patterns but find it hard to find ones that are my bust size which is about a 37 or 38. Everytime I find vintage patterns they are either ones I like but too small or ones that will fit but I don't like. Its so annoying.

  2. These challenges are really very interesting and often we both sisters are trying to suffer from it and making the best designs and patterns by own hand on machine. Thanks a lot for it and I am quit interested to be in the most winner's line.
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  3. I'm SO excited you chose that pattern!! When I sent the package off it was the one dress I really hoped you'd make!! I found that one at the markets in Adelaide for $4. I'm not sure where Weigel's were based, I know they were a small company and I don't think they lasted very long (40s-40s) but I see them occasionally in Adelaide. Congratulations on starting your challenge and marking off so much of your "to do" list!

  4. If you ever work out how to make that in a larger bust size, I'll totally get you to make me one! I wear the dress you made me all the time, and everyone loves it!

  5. What a stunning pattern, I have yet to find or ever really hear about this brand of patterns. You will have to give us a review of the pattern!

    I hope you do make the orange version its lovely!

    xo Darla

  6. You don't have a photo of the back of the envelope by any chance to you? An undiscovered pattern company is like heroin to me - I'd love to find out more about them.


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