Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Best Day EVER!

I had the best day (but am really full of my dins now) EVER today, and I'm going to be vague and brief, only because I have to dive into bed for my early start tomorrow!

A quick rundown in dot point form of my best day ever!

- We had a big working day yesterday (Australia Day) and my team and I woke again super early for another fantastic day at work. TICK! Great success all round! Yippee!

- It's my wedding anniversary today and Husbie dropped into work at 9.30am for a quick pash, out the front. Yippee! A darling work colleague saw us and said 'Awww Young Love' ... CUTE

- I was asked to go 'on tour' with the biggest UK band in Australia at the moment, as their TOUR MANAGER. They are the loveliest guys, and I had to turn them down because I already have a job. SAD but CUTE because I felt very good at my organisational skillz and that young musicians noted this. LOLZ

- One of my dresses that I've made recently (the red one) appeared over several 'fun' websites and the owner had a BALL and even went down a slip'n'slide whilst wearing it. VERSATILE!

- Husbie and I went and ate out for a HOT DATE and gushed and drank really nice wine in Balmain for our wedding anniversary! It's been 3 years of marriage, but maybe 8 years of togetherness? Maybe 9 years. We can't remember because LOVE wins in the end anyways. GUSH LOLZ SPEW

- BUT, also, we bought Husbie a flash for his darling camera for his birthday in December AND IT ARRIVED IN THE POST TODAY, and here's a fun phots of us trying it out:

 That's me!

What a great day, best day evs, and terribly exhausting. Yay.


  1. I love your excited posts, they make me excited for you! Who are the biggest Uk band in australia just now? I wouldn't even be comfortable guessing, I don't even know who the biggest UK band in the UK are! I'm all about the small band.

  2. How totally gorgeous! I love your best day! Soooooo good to read, it has given me the biggest smile! thank you for making my morning a pretty awesome one! xoxo woo-hoo! and congratulations on all things, but especially the young love anniversary! he he. kisses, K

  3. What a great post. Its sounds like a very great day you had. Happy Anniversary to you and husbie darling. You have really pumped me for a great day today with this cheerful post.

  4. You sweetheart! That does sound like an awesome day!! Congratulations on 3 yrs and Happy Anniversary!!


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