Friday, 1 January 2010

Best of 2009 - Top Ten (part three)

Oops! Got a little busy last night talking and didn't get home til later!

Happiest Happy to you, and hope you enjoyed a wonderful and safe evening last night.

So! Back to the Top Ten (of my creations this year), with my last two favourites of the year:

Two - Stash Stretch and designing beginnings

This tshirt dress was a little different to all the other ones, as I made the cap sleeves inbuilt with the front and back pattern pieces, so I ACTUALLY cut out my first pattern piece. I've been sewing for about 8 years now, following commercial patterns, sometimes making things up (cutting around other dresses and things I like) but I've never cut out a pattern (so I used old wrapping paper) before, and feel really proud that my sewing skillz have reached a point that my brain can work out dimensions and seams (before they are joined) etc. VERY PROUD seamstress over here!

Yay! I have bought some good books to help with pattern drafting (I'll post about them soon! Promise!) so feel like I'm well on the way with my sewing skillz!

And so:

One - The Frock for the Awards Night!

Here's my lovely friend and I on the red carpet, she wearing Marc Jacobs and myself Veronica Darling. (I think that's Daniel Merriweather in the background!) What I love about this dress is ... EVERYthing... the material was from the Remnants Warehouse (a designer fabric that the shopkeeper couldn't remember who designed) and the pattern was a Vogue vintage one from *maybe* 1980s, but I changed everything apart from the v neckline and the waistband. Of course I had to make it shorter, and put on some really great kimono style short sleeves (or cuffs) that I kinda have seen around, but made up (designer in the making here!) myself.

And who can forget the big fuck off bow? There was a bit of to and fro-ing going on about that one... but in the end I went there and it was great. It was a lot of learning along the way, constructing it bit by bit to make it fit right, and feel right. The material is very scratchy overall, so the lining totally helped. After wearing it the side seams (down near the hem) have started to go, because the material is pretty fragile on the hem lines, and I did make it pretty fitting, so I guess my walking and sitting down and standing up kinda stretched the fabric from the seams there. Oh well!

But mostly this was a total deadline dress, cause I was also making my friend's dress too for the awards night! Busy bee!

Phew! It was a very busy year all round for me and my friends and family, but I'm happy 2009 is finished now. It was way too full to begin with!

We don't really talk about resolutions at all in my house, but what I've really liked thinking about is how new traditions can begin in a family. As it's now my Husbie, Doggie Darling and myself in our family (we only got the little pup in April) for this year, and a lot of our friends are having babies, it's a really sweet feeling thinking that I'm getting older and can take responsibility for things in not just my life anymore. I take care of Husbie and Doggie Darling whole heartedly (and it sounds silly but totally great to say that) so I'm thinking a lot about family in 2010 already! Gush!

Anyways, I know I've got heaps of gush up my sleeve for later, so won't gush over you too much now, but all the best for your hangovers (Husbie's in bed again now!) or your full tummy's and wishing you good times in 2010!


  1. Gush away lovey!!! You havbe had a great year!!! i envy your sewing skills I am hopeless at making adult sized clothing and following patterns. You are going great guns! x

  2. You HAVE been a busy seamstress!! Happy New Year gorgeous girl :)

  3. Happy new year! You are such a genius, but you knew that!

  4. I lurve the big bow purple dress - so gorgeous!!

  5. I loooove the awards-dress... makes me want to get sewing right away (but I've got to stop putting off cleaning and actually clean my flat first!). Great work!


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