Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Choosing fabric for Weigel 1941

Please keep your lovely comments coming, it's totally welling me with motivation and gush for vintage patterns and vintage creations!

Today I went to work, but instead of going home straight away Husbie picked me up, and we went to the beach for a lounge about in the waves! Very nice afternoon exercise (I was yelling, with head bobbing, 'keep your legs kicking and it's almost like swimming laps against the tides') and holiday reprieve midweek.

Anyways, upon reading all your lovely remarks from yesterday's post, and Katherine noticed, obviously, the rare Weigel's pattern. And friends, I love vintage patterns, I learned to sew via my mum's vintage patterns, but I'm no expert on them. So if you do notice something, and wanna chat more or have some more info on any of Amanda's patterns for 'Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge '10', please let me know!

So here's the back of the pattern:

An entire advertisement for Lightning! Choosing the fabric for View A (the orange one) wasn't too hard, I looked in my summer/autumn colour range that I set aside before Christmas to make a whole bunch of dresses in the same colour range, and saw this dusty pink cotton/linen. All my summer/autumn range (hee hee) are from the op shop, so all thrifted material, and I thought this pink stuff was good because I have over 2 full arm lengths of it, it's not patterned (you know, to match up or whatever) and it's not floral. I have SO much floral, and I thought a full colour would be different for me, and obviously easier.

But did you see the extra zipper and buttons? The pattern calls for a Lightening 'Fastener' and I was SO happy that I had exactly that. Right colour, right size and even though it looks like perhaps a 1970s commerical zip, it's still a fastener RIGHT!?! Yay!

Here's a couple of extra pics for you vintage pattern lovers!

Cute! See you tomorrow, I may have some progress from the sewing room to report!


  1. It was a perfect beach day. After a day trip to Canberra, all I could manage was to throw myself in the pool...yeh.

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  3. Here's a link to a short history on Weigel's, if anyone's interested!


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