Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Christmas Outfit and Down to Business

Well I thought I'd post my outfit from Christmas day, as Doggie Darling is just too cute 'hanging out' in the background!

Shoes: Tiger Valentine via Zomp in Melbs
Hair: Pincurls and flowers from the tropical garden

Well it's down to business for us today, we've got unpacked shop bags all over the house, we've got dog toys (some getting chewed right now by my feet) everywhere and my friend is going to pop over this afternoon for a visit.


So, whilst it's still kinda holidays, it's cleaning up time, getting organised and prepared for next week (we have house guests from the UK - my fairy godson - yippee!) and I'll go back to work. It feels like a kinda non-weekend, with a large to-do-list up our sleeve, BUT! It's freaking humid and sticky and I just feel like getting a cleaner in and one of those people who 'sorts' out your house. You know, like sorts and orders your bookshelf and shows you how to use cute little containers for your soap and stuff.

I think it's that time of year as well, when you want some order and lists and neatness. I've got to get back to it, because my shiny light could be a few new dresses to go back to work with... Yeah! I'll get it done and then I can sew! Yippee!



  1. Happy New Year Veronica! As always your posts make me laugh, and I find myself nodding my head going "yep, I need one of those too, and yep, I need one of that as well..." at the moment I need one of those 'sort your house out' people. I really have storage issues. A minimalist deep down, who struggles in amongst the clutter. damn! ha ha

    Anyway.... Have the bestest fun ever! you rock! xoxoxo and big hugs for doggie darling too - such a super gorgeous little star! :)

  2. Happy New Year! Love the christmas outfit. And doggy darling looks super cute in the background. Thanks for being my blogging friend. I look forward to reading your blogging adventures for 2010!

  3. Nice dress and niiicce shoes! Happy new year,

  4. you look so pretty! I wish I had more hair so I could do pincurls, but I know it'll never happen!


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