Saturday, 23 January 2010

Dusty Pink Top of Weigel 1941

Here's parts of what I put together yesterday, as I continue with Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, where I make a vintage pattern up each week, as chosen by Amanda of Adelaide from her lovely collection. For you regular looker on-ers know, I need a challenge to keep me in the sewing room so I may as well review vintage patterns along the way!

The pattern is Weigel 1941 and as it's summer here I'm not doing any sleeves. Here's the front:

I remembered to interface the top collar, but forgot to do the yokes (bottom collar bit) but that's ok I guess. As the front bits are layered, I'm hoping there's enough stiffness going on.

The pattern is going well really, no hiccups that I can see. I love all the darts in the front bodice bits, they are always quite flattering for my figure. It has a side zipper, so my next step is to sew the sides together, but not all the way down on one side, do the bias binding on the sleeves and then it'll be time to attach the skirt I imagine.

Here's the back collar, and it was really windy this morning when I took these pics, so I didn't get a photo of it looking smooth. I may have to iron all over again, looking at this photograph now, as the collar looks puckered a bit.

Everyone is on lockdown in my house today, it's predicted to be very very hot, and we did all our shopping and doggie stuff early so we can just be in the house and stay cool. I'm going to try out the sewing room now, as I've read the ENTIRE paper and had a good brunch, so hopefully it's not too hot in there with the iron on!


  1. wow beautiful collar...that photo from the back looks smashing!

  2. the dress is looking great so far. I love the colour you chose. Very nice for the aussie summer.

  3. Everytime I work on a vintage pattern I have to do so much adjusting to get the pattern to fit my "today" body. Not always fun....

  4. Wow it is so royal makings and I am very attracted to it. I am new but making just guess for it as it will be surely so expensive too. THanks a lot.
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  5. It looks amazing!! You're getting through it so quickly too! I'm so excited to see you making this dress, it really was one of my favourites - and it's always good to have someone road test it first - less errors for me! Anyway, you're amazing (which you hopefully know by now!) and completely inspiring xx

  6. The collar is so stylish. Can wait to see where you are going with this project.

  7. Very stylish collar. Looking good.


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