Monday, 4 January 2010

First day at work for 2010!

Wow, it was my first day back at work today. AND I RODE MY FREAKING BIKE. I had forgotten even how to work the gears. Eeep!

It's my slowly, slowly, slowly way of getting fit (ha ha) and getting rid of the Christmas Bulge. Anyways, just a quick post today because here's a photo of the back of my pin curls (quite loose and big) as my dad took it and just sent it to me before!

I'm just working 9 to 5 this week, so no crazy hours just yet and my darling friend from the UK is visiting from tomorrow. I just packed up (with the help of Husbie, I owe him the world of hugs) my sewing room and it's now a guest room for my houseguests.

Talk to you later darlings! Wishing you fun days at work if you're back today too!


  1. They look awesome! I can't wait to try my hot rollers. I think I will do them tomorrow when I have the day off.

  2. Lovely curls, how lovely to have post Christmas company - lots of bubbles and laughs I hope!

  3. Ahh the sad after effects of too many chemicals in your hair... poor frizzy hair! i lived with dry frizzy hair for years (it drove me crazy)... however, i didn't dye my hair... i decided it was a good idea to perm my hair in the 80's (i KNOW i wasn't alone!), but my poor hair... it took me years to grow out all the hair that had been touched by the chemicals! my hair is really fine and just couldn't take the abuse! so i swore off chemcials in my hair from that day on... i don't know what i'll do when i start turning grey though... ackkk!

  4. Your hair rocks! and how cool you rode your bike - you're amazing. I really need to do something exciting - soon! something I've almost forgotten about? (thinking cap on....) xoxoxo K

  5. After a long vacation it is really looking very tough to go for work and you specially looking very uncomfortable as you have explained in post. Welcome 2010.
    r4 ds


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