Thursday, 7 January 2010

Husbie's photos now have a home...

Some of you may have a keen eye and realise that some photos are better than others here on my bloggidy blog blog. I do really like some of my photos, and am proud of how my photography is getting better. Really it's the camera, but some of the time it's me learning and growing my skills.


Sometimes my darling husbie gets time to take some photos of my things, and then, I think you'll recall dear friends, my clothes look amazing. Fashion photography (almost) darlings!

Anyways, thought I'd pop up from my busy week just to say that Husbie and his friend have started a very nice looking website and they are going to shoot their first wedding in March together. Cuteness! Their angle is less formal photos (the ones where everyone stands in lines) and more capturing the day with movement. (I just made that up, but I think that's what they're going for - less poses and more vividness) (Husbie does have a motion picture background after all)

So the name they've come up with is Shotgun Pictures, and if you like pretty pictures, I'd suggest having a look.

Here's my friend in the water:

Photo by Husbie, via Shotgun Pictures

I hope you're having a lovely January! My darling friends are seeing the sights of the Northern Beaches today, and will be with us til Sunday, so I'm kinda hoping for a bit of bright sunshine so they'll remember Sydney fondly when they return to the UK. We haven't been to the beach yet, so I'm dying to take them to Clovelly (it's my fave spot because of the concrete!), so I'm hoping Saturday morning might be the go-er.

And as for my real job, it's been taking up most of my week, but it's not all trouble and strife. It's really great actually, as I'm working with loads of new people, and we're all getting along well. I'll be back to crazy hours again on Monday, with my 4am alarm clock, so I think I'll get some relaxo time to sew in the afternoons. I really like the early hours, but at the moment everyone is going out and making the most of daylight savings, so I'm going to have be really strong and get to bed on time! Eep!

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  1. Here he is showing more of the real situation nowadays people are facing. Looking so strong from your post for all clothes explanation and imaginations that you have blown out... Thanks.
    r4 ds


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