Sunday, 17 January 2010

If I knew you were coming I'd've baked a cake

When I feel housewifey or nostalgic, this is the song I think of:

Today we're being a busy bee after a shopping and doing day yesterday (doing things outside of the house) so hence the feeling of housewifey-ness.

You may have picked up on the fact that I'm actually never a regular cleaner so perhaps the above picture wouldn't really be accurate. The middle two scenarios would be the closest match I reckon. And of course the hair do's and the aprons in all, that's me for sure! Aprons just for being in the house I say!

I'm curious to know if I were a stay at home lady, would I actually do these kind of things, or would I just wind up playing online computer games all day?

Nevertheless, my randomness needs a bit of order, cause I wanted to create a check list for myself today (and for the week ahead):

Cherry's mending
Erin's mending
Brother's mending
Emma's mending
Finish Watermelon dress
Wash Rosie's fabric
Start Rosie's dresses
Husbie's shorts
Taxi man's shirts
Z's cushions
Sam's bags

Clean items in old fridge
Pack new fridge
Clean bedroom up
Tidy Lounge etc up
Husbie & Tony will do switch
Get bank accounts sorted

To buy:
Deeper sheets from Tarj


  1. Wow! That is quite the to do list. My no. 1 item on my to do list is getting organised to move out of home. 2 weeks from yesterday and we will be in our own place. I really need to get started on my packing. I have done 1 box so far.

  2. OMG! That's a full on list you've got there. I think just the thought of doing dishes is enough for me. ha ha ha. Let alone sooooo much mending and cleaning. :) You're a superwoman! xo

  3. Love the song and pictures! And what a list! Can't wait to see the watermelon dress!

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