Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I'm hooked on roses for my bike!

Did I tell you that I rode a FREAKING bike last week? I think so, but I'm just pointing out again that I was brave and tackled the Sydney streets with my hybrid two wheeled vehicle. ON MY OWN.

And thank you to Husbie hooking me up with a front handled basket (does it have another name than this? NOT FAMILIAR WITH BIKE TERMINOLOGY) I've started hooking myself some ace red roses to chuck up all over the front basket.

For this darling rose, I followed this amazing and free pattern, where I learnt, good friend, that DOUBLE CROCHET (db) can also mean TREBLE CROCHET (tb I assume) in Australia. (!!!) So perhaps that's why some of my starter crochet pieces were disbanded and pulled out. Perhaps that's why things were way tighter and weirder than they looked. Did anyone else know this? Is this a really silly thing that I've overlooked?

Nevertheless, the little stick in the mud crafter that I am, I've soldiered on and overcome these little terminology differences and created a thread of wavey red things:

Which will become, a curled/rolled fabric thing, which becomes a rose!

Sozza about my photobooth photography, I simple have no time at all to use the 'big' camera, as it's summer time and early work time for me at the moment, so I've been working hard, resting up, attending appointments and meeting up with darling interstate friendsies. Sadly no time for creating much (I hope to change this tomorrow, one simply *must* attend her sewing room frequently) but a few moments to read up on some new sewing/draft books I have that I'm going to tell you about.

So still here darlings, but terribly bad at blogging/crafting/sewing slash anything other than work and talking I'm afraid!

Hee hee!


  1. I'll have to send this to my old school pal who is a brilliant crocheter.

  2. Yup, in the UK & Australia the Treble stitch is known in the US as a Double crochet. You just have to check the origin of the pattern as to what stitch they're referring to. Congrats to you though, learning on your own, I'm not sure I could do that, my Aunt taught me when I was around 9/10! Thank goodness!

  3. Oh yeah, the crochet terminology! I'm trying to teach myself, but not getting anywhere. As far as I can see, in the US they have single, double and treble and in the UK double, half treble and treble. I have to say the Americans have it right here for simplicity! Apparently, theres different terminology even between England and Scotland - ridiculous!

    The rose looks ace though!

  4. Wow..Impressed by the use of roses. It looks cool. It was nice going through your blog.

  5. Wow, You always looks so beautiful with red colour. Last post and the red coloured was really so nice. Thanks for all your post here.
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