Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lovely bundles of possibilities

Awww, thank you for all your kind words and emails about yesterday's post, it's so nice to have a mid week pick me up kinda day, followed by darling online friends popping by.

Here's a sample of my Christmas Queensland adventures at the op shops! We stayed in Scarborough, and we visited Redcliffe and Sandgate thrift stores as there are shitloads around there to see, I just googled them up before we went and thanks to Husbie's GPS we found them all!

I just love the zippers that are still in their original packets, and all the fonts and colours on the packaging.

My weekly challenge has of course blown out a BIT because of the extra jobs I've had on, but I'll have new results soon on the dusty pink Weigal 1941 and then will be choosing a new pattern to make up and review.

Tonight I made a mix of this salad and this salad, and thanks to our lovely NEW fridge (our anniversary present, we decided) all our organic vegetables from the weekend's market has survived the week! We usually couldn't keep a lettuce longer that 2 days, and we had these gorgeous salads no problems today. Love fresh veggies!



  1. Those are some AMAZING fabric finds - super jealous! Can't wait to see what your clever creative soul comes up with to turn them into something lovlier.

  2. Great stash and loved reading about your best day ever!

  3. ooooooweeee I love vintage notions, lucky you!

  4. hey grrl, do you have another knit pole in Wilford st?

    I saw a small one today...


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