Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday 25th January

I haven't posted a daily outfit for a while, as I'm just way too busy! I've thought about it every now and again (most often when I look the cutest) and just can't spare the time setting up the camera. I suppose if I weren't working full time and waking up so freaking early and yada yada it'll be fine!

But since I was wearing a newish stretch fabric dress today to work, I thought I'd ask Husbie to quickly snap me.

Dress: Veronica Darling
Shoes: Zomp
Hair: Clovelly Beach Hair

I had a few meetings through the day, and didn't end up getting home to heaps late, but miraculously I didn't have sore toots in these shoes. The dress is a stretchy material, that I got from the Remnants Warehouse on an excursion last year (I think the sales were on or something) and I made it in 20 minutes because I wanted something new to wear up the road cause we were doing something. I can't remember what.

It's the EASIEST design and the material is strong enough that you don't have to sew the hem or the arms. It's like 2 pieces and a yoke bit. ABSOLUTELY unreal. One day when I'm a grown up, I shall post you a tutorial on how to do this 3 piece wiggle dress and you shall be awesome too.

Anyways, sorry for my gush about myself, I feel fantastic today (despite my work hours) and am now thinking of tea time and what I shall drink with it... as it's a SLEEP IN for me tomorrow! I don't have to work til 10am. Yippee!

If you're Australian, what are you doing on your day off?!


  1. Working...I had to take Monday off to see my DD off on her gap year.

  2. You look SO cute! And SO happy!

    I'm in the UK so just work, work, work over here.

  3. gorgeous dress, tutorial please!! Looking forward to checking out the remnant warehouse when I move back to syders next year.

  4. lovely dress! I love the picture of you on the right!

  5. awesome dress very snazzy and I love how it's simple and looks so comfy to wear =D

  6. You look fab darling! (Don't you just love ZOMP?? Ahh miss that store). Meanwhile, we obviously don't get Aust day off anymore now that we're in the US, but we're defs having a barbie with our local aussie friends! Might wrap myself in a flag...

  7. Are you going to post a tutorial?! this looks great!!


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