Saturday, 30 January 2010

Opening up Butterick 7181

Thanks SO much for your great feedback on Weigel's 1941, it's so very cute and you are a darling for popping by!

So today, I've read some blogs and taking darling Doggie for a walk with my morning coffee, and I'm ready for Saturday and the weekend to begin.

I'll open up a new pattern I reckon!


Butterick 7181 is a 'Dress and Stole: Day or Formal Lengths' in 11 pieces. It's 'cut low to show off your shoulders' (which makes me wonder what bra to wear with it? I'll have to find my strapless bodice thing) and I'm keen on the checks/tartan one because of I wanna go through my New Hampshire collection of colours, and have some checked yellow/green material from the op shop in mind. So that's View B, which has a button-front bodice (eep) and straight shoulder and hemline. I don't *think* I'll make the stole, as I haven't checked the material yet and really don't think there will be enough.

I just opened the instructions, and they're a little all over the place, because most of the focus is on the View A, because of the 'flouncing' (edging, I'm guessing) and there's STACKS of material needed for that. I've never really tried these kinds of things, because I'm always using stash material, and if I did have some flounced material edges, I guess I'd never really have enough for a whole dress like View A. Anyways, it's looking ok for View B, and just checked that there are TWO layers of material for the skirt, so I won't stuff up like last time!

Thanks to Amanda, once again, for sharing her vintage patterns to I can try them out! Love a challenge, and so begins round two of Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge!


  1. Oh this is my all time favourite neck - shoulder? line. I love the neck cut right out to the sleeves like that. I am so excited about this one! It looks pretty tricky, good luck!

  2. that pattern looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it turns out.


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