Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pin the Curls on the Girly

So, like many of us fine lady bloggers in the crafty/fash world, I've become intrigued by the pin curl hair set.

(*be very aware my friends, there may be some slight moaning about one's own hair here in this post, but I know deep down we should all love our own hair, so bare with me!*)

Once upon a time (*I told you*), I had really long, and really straightish hair that didn't really frizz. It was golden etc and (kinda boringly) chopped in that early 90s Girlfriend way (Australians, you know the band I'm talking about) and I was also like 11 years old. Now you know I'm not going to waste your time here by telling you EVERY freaking hair cut and style I've had along the way, but just remember that there were teenaged years, there were travelling years and there were uni years and early career years. All with their own hair styles.

Now, along the way my hair turned kinda curly, and it kinda got outta hand, and then it got frizzy, then it got curly again, then it went straight (thanks to hot irons!) and then it got platinum.


But one thing I've noticed the most, when I hair dry it with the dryer or use the hot tongs or the hot rollers, my hair isn't very happy anymore. It's not smooth, it's frizzy, (Being in the humid side of town makes it more so too) but since I don't wash it that often either I wanna make it good for the week without chemical hotness. And so after seeing some styles over at the Freelancer's Fashion Blog, where she mentioned the pin curl set and showed us some great curled up styles (here's some Christmas rolls with flowers), I thought I'd try it out.

Awww, all rolled up waiting for them to dry.

Here's a really cute write up about pincurls and my favourite quote is "Isn’t it time you tried something new and glamorous? 50s pin curls up-do looks are easy, fresh, and fun. Give them a try today and start turning heads tomorrow.."

So over the next few weeks I'm sure you'll see some more pincurl results from me (I've got some photos but the stupid of stupid uploading person - ie me - is doing something wrong and it's not working anymore) but in the meantime, check by darling Nikkishell who's a crafty young lass experimenting with pincurls of all shapes and sizes (I believe she got SPONGE rollers for Christmas lucky duck!) and the ever gorgeous Gertie has some great styles too with pin curls.

Here are some of the videos that helped me learn it, and my hair most suits bigger curls, and the set on your head type (like above) that you leave in during the day rather than leave in at night! You'll see what I mean after a lookie at the vids!


  1. OMG! We're so on the same pincurl train. I actually curled my hair on New Years Day but the pictures I took were too dark to post. I used a curling iron and then pincurled as the hair cooled. My hair is still wavy 2 days later. Thanks for these great links and videos.

  2. Its seems like everyone is in on the curl thing lately. My hair is naturally curly but lately I have been yearning for the perfect ringlets that I used to have when I was a toddler. I bought hot rollers the other week but have been waiting till I have a day off work to try them out. Have you used them before? Any tips?

  3. I can't wait to see how they turned out. I'm going to curl my hair for tomorrow, more experimenting :)

  4. I love it!!! It really suits you. Love the vintage milkshake cup styling too. Noted. great stuff.
    I have curls so have no experimented with such things... but I like seeing everyone else do it.

  5. I've just caught up on your blog since the new house doesn't have internet yet and I must say your best of is awesome. I loved that table cloth wiggle dress, the yellow one and that 24/7 challenge was pretty dang exciting, not to mention you rocked it. But, OMG you're thinking of a little one in 2010 - imagine the cute little clothes you can make! Happy New Year to you! xx j.

  6. Thanks for the advice Craft Queen! yeah i reckon that'd work out ok...although you're right it's going to take ages! but it just looks so damn comfy. cute hair do by the way!!


  7. Hey you are looking very beautiful with so curly hair and This curly hair are the most attraction of your face at now. As per my opinion dont try to catch it.
    r4 ds

  8. Hehe I love it. I haven't logged on the blog action for ages - talk about synergy. I bought myself some hot rollers off ebay just before Xmas and I got a brand spanking new bike for Xmas too and have been gearing up to start riding it around my own more too! Currently searching for the perfect wicker basket to put on it. Love the flowers idea! Happy New Year! xxoo

  9. There must be a crazy pin-curl rage going on. I did my hair in pin-curls the other day and set to blog about it. (I aquired an amazing 1960's hair dryer I wanted to try). Alas my photo program had a huge glitch and none of my photos came out. But I will try again. I love pin-curls!!!

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