Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reddie for Australia Day?

My friend is going to look so cute in this red and white cherry print dress!

She needed a couple of bright and light cotton dresses for Australia Day this Tuesday, and we went to Spotlight together last weekend to find some fabric. My friend found this herself in the humble jumble of the store, and it's gorgeous cotton slash some synthetic, so hopefully it won't crush too much when sitting/driving etc.

The cherries are so sweet! I used my friend's store bought pattern, it's Kwik Sew 3599 if you're curious, but I added a big gathered band to the hem to make it a bit longer.

And the easy part was ... no zippers or buttons! It ties up at the back with a big ribbon.

My darling friend calls these sleeves 'Holly Hobbie' sleeves, remember that little cartoon & story? And I'm freaking loving the curved edges on these pictures! I've been using for a while now, it's really easy to use at work, but just discovered all the extra bits in the 'create' section.

It's a perfect day for sewing, overcast, dreamy and not really hot or cold. I've got heaps done!


  1. Oh my god girl, how do you find the time to make all those cute dresses? I'm so impressed! Love the pink one too... it might be a winner!

  2. Super cute! LOVE!!! Bet you want to keep it though (I would!). xoxo

  3. that's a gorgeous dress! I love it. The fabric is wonderful, but I also love dresses you can just slip on! way yummy! xo

  4. Wow, that is a cutsie cute dress. Might have to find me that pattern.


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